Birth - Death -

There are 86,400 seconds in a day. The average lifespan of an American is 78.5 years which equals to 2,475,576,000 seconds in one person’s life. Life is short on earth. It’s like an aglet to a shoelace, but the thing is that you could get as many shoelaces and it wouldn’t even compare to anything to our life with God in eternity. We don’t need to put our focus on this earth that will cheat you and destroy you, but put our focus on God, and on spending eternity with him. Although while we’re on earth we can make the most of it. God says tells us to go out and make disciples of all nations (Matthew 28:19-20). We should go and bring as many people to Christ right now that way we can spend eternity with him. Do you have a real good friend, and you love having fun with them. Do you know if they have put their trust in God. If they haven’t, all the things you are doing right are not going to be worth anything later in your life. So you can help them put their trust in Christ, and you could spend eternity with your friends and Christ. On a person’s gravestone they have their birth, a dash, and their death. Right now we are living the dash on our gravestones. The part the earth sees. What some people don’t know or can’t see is that there is a dash after their death, and it has no end on it. That dash is called eternity with Christ.

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