Pay off your loans playing beer pong

For most kids in college, your opportunities to make money are rather limited to on-campus jobs and uber. Well, that may change in the future. 🍻

Welcome Pong Land, an app that gives players the ability to cash in on their beer pong skills by competing in local tournaments.

Winning at beer pong is a skill, just like poker and fantasy football. Typically, most beer pong tournaments are held as a social gathering in dorm rooms and house parties. Pong Land believes that players will be eager to attend cash-prize tournaments if given the opportunity to compete with other local players.

Can you imagine a world where your college tuition is being paid for by beer pong?

Lucky for you, we dove into the numbers to see if this was possible!

The average tuition for a public university in the tristate area is ~$10,350 per year. Currently, there are over 10 tournaments in the northeast that offer individual cash prizes ranging between $2,000 — $5,000. Looking further into the competitive pong landscape, there are over 20 weekly pong tournaments held with individual cash prizes of $200 — $500.

To pay your tuition you will need to either succeed at one of these 3 option:

  1. Win 2 big tournaments a year
  2. Win one a $200 pong tournament every week
  3. Get a damn job!

Either way, calling yourself a professional pong player may become a reality sooner than we think.

If you are interested in competing in local beer pong tournaments, sign up here: Pong Land Entry