For the past numerous years, I have felt so, me. Like I know myself inside and out. And although I know who I am as a being, I’m still not the person that I want to be. There is such a huge part of me that lacks fulfillment. I wake up every morning in the same spot, taking on the same day as yesterday. I’m encountered by so many familiar faces, going about their patterned routines just like I am. The surface of my life is easily readable. Just by looking at me and my situation, my character is understood. When you look at me you see that physically, I’m not anything special. The only trait that I am truly happy with is my light blue eyes. I’m not overly skinny, tall, athletic, tanned, or glowing. Im nothing that would turn heads or get numerous cat calls on the streets. But, my personality feels so huge compared to the life that I’m living. I feel a constant need to keep moving. However, that need is never satisfied. It’s not something that I can find by venturing through the woods behind my house; it is something so much bigger than that. It’s the restrictions in life that are holding back my huge personality, and my complete desire to travel.
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