@omarvaid here’s an #elegy to the two Garners, young activist Erica who just passed and her late daddy, Eric, choked to death by cops on Staten Island in 2014. This is written by my cousin Raymond Nat Turner who is a poet with a political bent. 3 Little Words

. (For 2 EGs)

One to three

three on one

Life hanging

on tatted arms

of a windpipe-

crushing Nazi thug

3 little words

12 letters

11 times

Not artful air escaping

sides of a saxophonist’s mouth

Song For Her Father –

Fire-breathing, bullhorn

Blues shouter; Drum major

Marching, meeting, texting, tweeting,

writing: raising roofs of consciousness;

Standing up, sitting-in,

Dying-in, boycotting, blockading,

Refusing rest; chasing the fugitive:


One to three

three on one

Not a broken bicycle pump

or blacksmith’s bellows –

3 little words

12 letters

11 times

Not Codetalker

father to daughter

Membership in the club

Wanting no new members –

club never giving her

space, to catch her breath –

know how it feels to

Breathe free…

instead of crying herself to

sleep listening for footsteps of


One to three

three on one –

Heart attack



coma are

. carryons boarding the

nonstop, tearing her heart

. into a thousand tender shards

3 little words

12 letters

11 times

. Codetalker daughter to father:

. Put politicians “thoughts and prayers”

. out with promises and dirty diapers…


Raymond Nat Turner © 2018 All Rights Reserved

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