BABB App Progress Update #5

Beta Release


BABB’s recent sprint focussed on continuously improving the app’s features and customer experience. In addition, we provided the option to tap into more information regarding any particular transaction, and included information on fees and costs for more transparency.

Read below to find out more about the details of these improvements.

Tap easily into your friends and family network

We’ve extended the functionality beyond sending funds to an external wallet. Now you can easily search for friends and family within the App (as long as they approve visibility) and send (and receive) funds directly. If they have a photo in the App, you can see it on display too, to make sure it is really them you are sending the funds to!

Improved Visibility and Fee Transparency

To improve visibility of use options, we’ve introduced new icons for send, receive and convert (yay!). We have also displayed the amount and the fee separately on the wallet screen so you know excatly how much the transaction costs you. Well, when tapped, each transaction record will show you: Type, Status, Sender/Receiver, Date, Fees, Exchange rate and TxHash depending on the transaction type. Each transaction record also includes a Transactions ID which can be used as a reference with the customer support if any issues arise for the specific transaction.

Enhanced Information on Campaign and Donation.

We now have a screen with the list of donors as well as the amount that they have donated to your campaign. Tap further on each donation record to display the details of the donation. Yes, we truly want to show you more information to work with.

Next steps

Next week, we will be sending out invitations to selected individuals to come have a coffee and test our beta release.

In parallel we will be working on further improving the customer journey and enhancing the user experience with the feedback received from our early testers.

Thank you to those who took time to painstakingly test our alpha version and help us improve our product! We are grateful that you are with us in this journey, and we hope to make you proud when we finally release the product.

Till the next update!

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Disclaimer: BABB is not yet regulated as a bank, but we are applying to become one.


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BABB aims to deliver accessible, secure, convenient and cost-effective mobile banking services designed to serve the global microeconomy —

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