BABB picks up momentum and elevation to drive fintech-powered social change

Aug 12 · 3 min read

Fintech sector continues displacement of traditional banking as BABB levels up

The past few months have been rather busy for us here at BABB, as we make progress towards becoming a world bank for the microeconomy. The BABB team is growing fast in line with our aspirations of what we can achieve as a Fintech company.

As the next significant step, we are moving to a larger and better-equipped office to expand our operational capacity.

While remaining in London at One Canada Square, we will soon move from our current Level 24 office to Level 42 within Canary Wharf Group’s technology accelerator space, otherwise known as Level39.

Our new office will facilitate a doubling of our operational space including more desks and floor space while improving employee well-being and productivity — the actual foundations for future growth.

The Level39 tech accelerator space gives us a competitive advantage because it’s the heart of one of the world’s most vibrant Fintech communities.

We benefit from more agile working methods, faster access to the Level39 events area and access to an incredible pool of tech firms that share our vision of a world connected by technology.

As part of our relocation, we are introducing an entirely new area to enable greater synergies including more collaborative day-to-day operations and improved working processes.

Stable growth and expansion are only possible in tandem with top-notch talent, and we’ve headhunted two of the industry’s best in Chief Operating Officer Demetrios Zamboglou and Chief Technology Officer Grant Van Wyk.

One of the core principles here at BABB is to focus on people rather than products. We firmly believe that a company is best measured by its people rather than the sum of its products — which is why a vibrant working culture and a future-proof office is essential.

Despite all the recent changes, our core goals remain the same — to allow companies and individuals to become scalable, to distribute opportunity and to do what has never been done before: to make banks redundant.

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In addition to technical advantages, expanding our footprint within #Level39 also carries an intangible profound significance. Our new workspace was formerly occupied by Swiss banking giant UBS, which we think is rather symbolic.

Our overarching plan to make banks a redundancy — while improving the quality of banking services required in a global economy that’s becoming increasingly dependent on flexibility and choice, as opposed to fixedness and centralisation.

As Bill Gates once said, “banking is necessary, banks are not”.

Therefore, replacing UBS is a reflection of a broader socio-economic trend: traditional banks and the services they provide are being replaced by avant-garde alternatives based on transparency, autonomy and efficiency.

Our aim is to launch our suite of innovations as smoothly as possible, and because we are technology-dependent, we intend to conduct software development in an open-plan manner that avoids silos while encouraging collaboration.

Fintech is a vehicle for evolution and change, rather than disruption and conflict. So, with our future path clearly laid out, our targets in sight and backed by a talented team — we have everything we need to help change the world for the better.


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BABB aims to deliver accessible, secure, convenient and cost-effective mobile banking services designed to serve the global microeconomy —

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