Embracing the Uncomfortable

I called an audible last December. I completely changed the trajectory of my career to pursue something I’ve always wanted to try. I traded in the work from home, weekly golf, reliable commission checks, and overall “comfort” of my previous career for the long hours, ambiguity, anxiety, and unmatched thrill of the start-up life. I joined n.io to be the “business development guy,” but since then have spent most of the last nine months leading a project in a field that I originally knew very little about. I abruptly learned that when you’re working for a start-up, your title doesn’t really mean a damn thing. Everybody is everything and you do whatever it takes to get the job done. It’s been a challenging but extremely rewarding experience. Mostly because I think we have built something pretty special…

For those of you interested in learning about what we’ve been up to and how n.io is disrupting one the world’s oldest and most important industries, I encourage you to take a look at n.io/ag, share with your network, and register for our reveal on the 22nd of this month.

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