Eight O’clock mass had been great. Sarah wore a blue gown that favored her curves and fair-skin, she had given the fabrics to her tailor, the one she knew won’t disappoint her if she paid the right price. She had picked a black shoe and a gold purse to go with her chain and earrings and applied little makeup. It was the first Sunday of the year and that meant the church was going to be filled up and perhaps she’d find a husband and move out of her parents’ house.

She was right, the church was filled and she had given her number to two men. She knew whose date she’d accept: Tunde, the tall lanky dude, he wore a grey suit and black leather shoes, her eyes undressed him and she saw a six pack, his skin was as dark as she was fair and he was clean shaved, no beard. He spoke fluent English which pricked her curiosity; where did he work? Where was he born? Does he fill his bowl with milk or cereal first? Did he prefer Vodka to whisky, or was he a wine man?

I’d wait till our first date she thought to herself as she watched him get in his LR3.

Her parents never came for early mass so she had driven her red Corolla. She got in and battled the bad road from Abule egba to Iju, getting through it by thinking of Tunde. She hoped he’d text and not call, that way she could have enough time to give properly crafted responses.

Three days passed with no call or text from Tunde, a credit alert text didn’t excite her as it used to, she constantly looked through selfies she’d taken on Sunday, asking herself if she didn’t look good enough. On Thursday the text came in. She beamed all day at work, her colleagues smiled and taunted her, most of them saying: Who is he QS? Look who’s whipped? She was a quantity surveyor and was respected for her accuracy and harsh bargaining skills.

Their first date was on Friday, after work. She took an Uber to work and packed a change of clothes, a toothbrush and everything she needed to spend the night at his place.

He picked her up at 5pm, her office was at Alausa, he had ordered for tickets to see Star wars: Rogue One, at Ikeja City Mall.

“I’ve seen it, it was better than the force awakens.” she said.

“So have I, I haven’t seen the force awakens but I’d download it eventually. I wanted you to be as pleased as I was while I watched it, and I was hoping I’d get to watch your face as you stay glued to the screen.”

“We have to watch it again then.” she blushed.

They walked out of the cinema by eight and he placed his left arm around her waist, quietly they got into the elevator.

“I’m starving, Pizza?” he asked.

“Yeah, but we’d have to take it to your place, I’d like to have it with a glass of whiskey.”

“I love whiskey, but I’ve never done that. Shame on me.” he said and smiled.

God, he’s so sexy

The drive to his house at Ogudu was fast, she hadn’t asked any of the questions but now she knew he liked whiskey. His parlor was impressive; he had pictures of different animals, he had bookshelves filled with books and surprisingly there were also CDs, most of them by Nigerian authors and artists. He went to his bar and poured Jack Daniels into two glasses, she took a glass from him as he sat next to her dropping the bottle on the center table, next to the box of Pizza.

When the box of pizza was empty and the bottle of Jack halfway empty she said “I am with my Laptop and I have the force awakens.”

“We’d watch that next Friday.”

Another date

She took a shower, wore one of his shirts wearing nothing underneath and joined him in the bedroom, he had taken the bottle and glass to the room.

“I should do that too.” he said as he stripped.

She wanted to look away but couldn’t, he was ripped and well hung. He winked at her as he got into the bathroom. She poured more liquor and admired the bedroom while picking out spots to shag. After ten minutes he got out with a towel around his waist.

“You are a Vet?”

“Yeah, the pictures gave me away yeah?”

“Yeah, i am curious though. Where did you school? Where are you from?”

“University of Ibadan and I am from Ondo state” he replied and smiled, making her shiver, then he continued “I do not want to talk, I can think of numerous ways I’d rather use my lips.”

He kissed her deeply and slowly took of her shirt, he then placed his fingers on her nipples, entreating deep moans from her, he kissed her neck, her ears, her breasts, her thighs……

She woke up the next morning to the smell of coffee, saw him next to her and smiled, remembering.

“Morning, and do you really have to go?” he asked.

“Yeah.” she lied just to be consistent.

She was nice at work, she smiled frequently ,sometimes she sang out loud, all week she had been looking forward to this day, Friday!!! her second date with Tunde, he called every day, they texted each other frequently. This was the best week she’s had in a while. She checked her watch and it was almost five. She saved all her opened documents and shut down her laptop waiting for his call.

After he called, she got out quickly, she hugged and kissed him deeply, not hiding how much she had missed him.

“All black today, who died?” she asked.

“It’s Friday the thirteenth, you look amazing by the way.”

She wore her dansiki and tight jean for that effect, she dropped her bag at the back seat next to two nylons of food he’d bought from Mozaya at the mall. They had planned to watch the force awakens and chill so he drove them home, they got in and he locked the door.

They cuddled on the couch and watched the movie while eating and drinking.

“I told you i have a dog right?”

“Yeah, errrrm…Oscar yea?”

“Yeah, he’s shy, I’d take you to him later and give you a proper tour of the house.”

He had taken off his shirt so she was distracted, she nodded. She picked up her glass to take a gulp of whiskey and noticed he had not touched his.


After the movie he took her hand in his for the tour, starting at the kitchen, the guest room, his library.

“Oscar is shy and weirdly likes to be by himself but I’d take you to him, he’s at the back.” Tunde Said.

They got out through the back door and next to the generator house was a structure pretty big for a dog.

“I know what you’re thinking, I keep everything he needs in there, no point going back and forth, I forget things easily.”

She felt a bit drowsy, she wasn’t lightheaded and a glass of Whisky shouldn’t have her feeling this way she thought as she passed out.

When she woke up she could not move, her hands and legs were unresponsive, when she opened her eyes all she saw was black, she was blindfolded. She tried desperately to kick out, or to cry for help, but was able only to offer an ineffectual whimper.

“Stop, do not hurt yourself. I have to that all by myself.” he said.

“Did I pass out? I had too much to drink didn’t I? Is this some weird sex thing?”

He smiled at how naive she was, he had to restrain himself from removing the cloth he covered her eyes with, he wanted to see that innocence but that would be a bad idea, he had a thing for her.

“No it’s not.”

She heard what sounded like a bag being unzipped followed by a clank. He was going to kill her and nothing could stop him. She said a silent prayer and waited.

“Every month which begins with a Sunday has a Friday the thirteenth. I go to church that Sunday because I’m grateful for it. It does sound pretentious, but it is true. Before i picked you up today I was at the Mosque thanking Allah for you, it is romantic isn’t it?”

It is time.

He studied her carefully, trying to pick a part he’d pierce first and opted for her left arm, her screams drove him, they were glorious, he slowly worked his way to her shoulder then her breast and the rest of her body. When he was convinced she had lost a lot of blood he removed the rope he used to bind her hands and legs and watched her limp body slide to the floor.

Oscar barked reminding him he needed to be fed.

He likes their thighs

He bent to the shattered body crumpled to the floor, gore and remains of human matter pampering down around in a wide arc, he picked one of her thighs and tossed it at Oscar.

It would be a while till October, but he’d remember this night whenever he craved a kill.

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