Boiler rooms will continue to grow more aggressive in finding ignorant and unaware Americans to prey on
Dear SEC: ICOs & ‘Tokens’ are killing innovation
Chris DeRose

Again – so what? Are you saying the government should protect people from making stupid decisions? That people are too stupid to think for themselves?

That’s ok if that’s what you believe. I’m just trying to understand where you’re coming from.

Btw – I fully agree that most ICOs are stupid investment decisions.

I arrived here from your comments on a post about Filecoin. Please do an episode!

Do you think the accredited investors in Filecoin (fully sec compliant) have more of a right to make that dumb decision because they make more than $300k per year?

I think you’re a great contrarian voice in the space, I really want to understand your underlying motivations on things like effectively asking the SEC to intervene because I’m not clear on them.

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