[quick setup] Digital Bitbox: A Crypto Hardware wallet for the Minimalist in You

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Mar 8, 2018 · 3 min read
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I recently attended a Trading Seminar in LA hosted by my friend Tone Vays, where I got my hands on a Digital Bitbox Hardware wallet, which was pretty cool because I have a few Trezors and Ledgers already…

I’m a fan of cold storage.

Prior to my mini collection of hardware wallets, I stored my long term Bitcoin holdings on paper wallets which are still one my favorite way to store and/or gift cryptocurrency. Even with all of that said so far this Digital Bitbox is….. Pretty solid.

The Installation + Setup

I’ve installed many of plenty of programs… apps… and so on, setting up this wallet was done in under 5 minutes.

The front flap of the packaging directs users to start at the download site: (https://digitalbitbox.com/start ), the installation page gives you the option to download the Digital Bitbox UI application on Windows, Mac OS, Linux and using the Source Code once you’ve finished installing the app you will be able to set up your hardware wallet device.

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The download should only take a few minutes. Once you click ‘finish’ you will be prompted to create a wallet with a name and a password. NOTE: That password is important af!

The only other way to back up your device is by using the SD card that comes in your Digital Bitbox package.

User Interface + Send and Receive Bitcoin Payment

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5 Primary Selections -
1. History
2. Receive
3. Send
4. Options
5. Multi-Sig Wallet

My main goal during the video walk-through is to test out if its easy to receive crypto on a Digital Bitbox wallet.

Which…. It was.. It took about 4 minutes for my transaction to show in my ‘receive’ tab. As I mentioned in my video, its a simple hardware wallet for people who want to plug in and benefit. Whether your relocating cryptocurrency or storing it.. a noob or a vet…as long as your into cold storage I think you will like a Digital Bitbox.

The device itself is kind of cute, Trezors are for some reason one of my favorites design wise but I do appreciate the convenience of a USB styled wallet.

I love products with simple and clean user interfaces so this is a plus for me. Although, the lack of seed words may be looked at as a minus feature for some.

Synopsis: I think the Digital Bitbox is a great wallet especially for starters. It has a durible design and easy to use interface. The fact that it is almost plug and play ready makes it handier than most wallets.

Digital Bitbox only supports Bitcoin and Ethereum as of right now.

twitter: @BarbieBuysDips

shop: Buy The Dip

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