BARDS Collective New Clothes

BARDS Collective
May 23, 2017 · 2 min read

Following in spring’s footsteps, BARD Collective is blossoming, too, changing its clothes and getting ready for new exciting (ad)ventures.

BARDS Collective and the Art of Rebranding

“Change is the only constant in life”, as Heraclitus once said, and we do think change is necessary to improve oneself and never let us be caught off guard by the world’s events.

Simplicity is what inspired us… From a rich in detail logo to a straightforward and minimalistic yet elegant one. The new logo was extracted from the B inside the two lines in the old logo. To adapt to the new logo, the theme font was changed. A darker blue replaced the light blue, showing the conversion from a tech/start-up tone to a more elegant one.

To better transpose our visions on changing and the benefits derived from it, we decided to reflect the power of spring’s enthralling nature to our logo and websites, which got rebranded and officially debuted March 2017.

Our new logo thus perfectly embraces BARDS Collective’s minimalistic yet elegant nature, the thoughtful concept behind of which got also transposed to our brand new website. Designed to make it possible to find all the needed information in the blink of an eye, is our new home, and it is ready to open its doors to an incredible amount of new, inspiring ventures.

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