The Importance of a Powerful Movie Poster

BARDS Collective x Merrick — Le Film

Set to debut Sunday, 18th, at the Champs-Elysées Film Festival, Merrick is a French post-apocalyptic film directed by Benjamin Diouris. The Champs-Elysées Film Festival is a French-American Festival held in Paris every year. It aims to connect the American and French film industry together, showcasing independent long and short features competitions. The festival brings unreleased films under the spotlight, displaying to the public an extended look on the most recent French and American independent productions.

Merrick, with its dystopian plot and heroic protagonist, gives us something thoughtful and somehow actual to think about in the months to come.

The Importance of Movie Posters

Movie posters are an undeniable key element in the film industry, both for what concerns big film studios as well as independent productions like Merrick’s. Movie posters encompass the whole message and feeling of the film, arousing the audience’s curiosity and leading more people to the theaters.

We can thus easily state, movie posters are more than just a promotional material, but rather the primary design element that captures a viewer’s attention.

By working closely with Merrick’s team while creating the poster, we managed to both find the right balance among each element displayed, as well as convey the film’s dramatic, post-apocalyptic theme, the leitmotif of which won’t go easily forgotten for sure.

BARDS x Merrick — The Backstage of a Movie Poster

Under these premises, and also giving the importance of both a movie poster and an International Festival such as the Champs-Elysées’, when Merrick’s team approached us asking to design its movie poster, we couldn’t help but start brainstorming over the film’s most important leitmotifs and key elements. From the beginning, we wanted to use a foreground of the main character as the poster’s central element.

The main idea was to create an empathic connection with the viewer. By using the double exposure technique, we decided to add the second essential element in the story, Esther. The double exposure technique, along with the use of halftones, has allowed us to expand the starting images without losing any quality. The dramatic colors, the absolute lack of contour elements and the blend of the images has emphasized even more the importance of the characters.

BARDS Collective is an award-winning digital storytelling agency that specializes in creating and promoting content that speaks.

BARDS Collective is an award-winning digital storytelling agency that specializes in creating and promoting content that speaks.