BARDS x Orange Fiber x Ferragamo

BARDS Collective x Orange Fiber: When Efficacy Meets Immediacy Through Social Media

It has been a couple of important days for Orange Fiber, one of BARDS’ closest clients, whose sustainable fabrics have been showcased at the Future Fabrics Expo by The Sustainable Angle’s booth during Copenhagen Fashion Summit on May, 10th 2017.

The CFS left its legacy already, with Russia-based, fashion and lifestyle digital platform Buro 24/7 founder Miroslava Duma officially launching the Fashion Tech Lab (FTL) on May 12th, namely a new venture through which she is investing a total of $50 million in sustainable companies such as the Italian Orange Fiber.

As if things weren’t exciting enough, Orange Fiber’s marketing and communication specialist & founding partner Enrica Arena sat as the audience at the festival’s Plenary Session on May, 11th, the speakers of which never missed a chance to inspire us with their motivating speeches and call to action.

Orange Fiber, the CFS and the importance of acting fast

With so many exciting news ready to be shared, both us at BARDS Collective, as well as those at Orange Fiber’s headquarters, needed a plan that could be as effective as catchy, with its contents being in return as viral as exhaustive.

Working together as a team, we managed to quickly divide the type of contents per social media, focusing on Facebook for the news, save the dates and updates, on Twitter for the live tweeting, and on Instagram to provide a much needed photographic and video testimony of the festival. The latter also proved to be particularly effective for what concerns the Plenary Session on Thursday, May 11th, as we managed to live stream some of the speakers’ most inspiring speeches.

As a result, we managed to cover the event thoroughly and uniquely, providing an in-depth journey into one of the world’s leading summits for what concerns sustainable fashion.

Orange Fiber, BARDS Collective and what happens behind the scene

Although knowing how to act fast properly is a must-do when it comes to storytelling, a good foundation is an essential prerogative, too. Before joining forces with Orange Fiber to find a good communicative strategy for the CFS, we started building our foundation together producing the shooting for the Orange Fiber x Ferragamo capsule collection, as well as Orange Fiber’s website, both of which reflect the company’s luxuriously minimal and sustainable approach to fashion.

Creating and promoting contents that speak as the core of storytelling

Working on a good social media strategy is something many confine to a plan of static timing and contents. Here at BARDS, sometimes we favor an instant storytelling strategy over a static one, as proved with Orange Fiber’s new thrilling ventures in the world of fashion. By creating contents that speak and entertain the audience’s hearts, we are ready to adapt live events opportunities. We want to help you promote contents your audience, whether it is established or new, could wholeheartedly enjoy and be eager to share with other people, too.

BARDS Collective is an award-winning digital storytelling agency that specializes in creating and promoting content that speaks.

BARDS Collective is an award-winning digital storytelling agency that specializes in creating and promoting content that speaks.