How BARDS Helped a Client Boost its Visibility at G7

Orange Fiber Delighting the Presidents’ Spouses at the G7 in Taormina

BARDS Collective is proud to announce the participation of one of their closest clients, Orange Fiber at one of G7’s ceremonies.

In this occasion, Orange Fiber, the company behind the innovative fabrics from citrus by-product, had the opportunity to delight the G7 Prime Ministers, Chancellors and Presidents’ spouses such as Melania Trump and Brigitte Trogneux with their unique capsule collection made in collaboration with the Italian fashion house Ferragamo. Angela Merkel’s husband Joachim Sauer, who is a chemistry teacher, was particularly impressed with Orange Fiber’s technology, too.

Orange Fiber had a clear vision, and BARDS Collective helped execute it

Through an ad hoc social media strategy, we managed to convey Orange Fiber’s message of sustainability and made in Italy excellence into practice, boosting its visibility and reaching an even broader audience.

Additionally, we created promotional materials such as cards that accompanied a limited edition gift from Orange Fiber x Ferragamo collection that was given to presidents’ spouses. Having followed Orange Fiber’s steps from the beginning, BARDS Collective is providing it a 360° digital service which included the Orange Fiber x Ferragamo campaign’s photos, visually communicating Orange Fiber’s elegance and revolutionary fashion concept.

When big events such as the G7 become a great opportunity for any project to enhance its visibility internationally, a well-timed and detailed social media strategy becomes a necessity more than ever before, and being an active part of Orange Fiber’s social media and digital plan has been one of Bards Collective’s proudest times.