The Birth of BARZZ The Largest Guide for Bars Nationwide

The first time I went on a plane I went skydiving, so I never landed on my first plane ride. I have been a risk taker all my life and always came out on top.

This is BARZZ.Net intro to investors for our Indiegogo Crowdfunding which we are targeting to begin late Sept with our launch event. The event is to break the Guinness World Record for the Largest Toast. Only 33,000 People. I plan on posting my experience thru-out the entire process. I promise I won’t bore you.

BARZZ came to me when I was on Wall Street as a Financial Consultant for firms such as Paine Webber, First Albany etc from which I retired at 40 yrs young. In my travels visiting clients around the country, I noticed there wasn’t any entertainment source to decide where to take clients or even myself after I was entrusted with the majority of that client’s investments. You basically got information from the hotel staff but 9 out of 10 times they were wrong and were probably getting a kickback for the referral.

So I figured I wasn’t the only person with this problem. As a broker, I reasoned two things if I started this enterprise. One, the bars probably would take care of me for a good review. Two, whatever I spent I could write off. F*ck the IRS.

I was content on just getting the write-offs but as I explained to friends they said this is a great idea. Don’t worry about the IRS this idea will make you mucho dinero.

That’s when BARZZ was born.

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