A one size fit’s all approach to marketing is flawed. While programmatic helps brands make the most of moments the reality is that even if you reach the right audience, the chances of breaking through are small if marketers deliver a bad or irrelevant creative experience.

Overlaying impactful imagery with robust contextual signals like location, time of day and even the weather delivers highly customised creative that people will engage with.

Showcasing the creative potential of digital out-of-home Bastard.London has collaborated with 3 of the industries pioneering companies within the DOOH landscape, Clear Channel Outdoor, Quividi and voodooh in delivering a audience aware interactive campaign at Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity for eyewear designers Kirk and Kirk.

The ‘I Care What You Wear’ campaign is fuelled by 41 alternative video scenarios, delivered on three data sets:

1. Gender Identification

2. Colour Recognition

3. Wearing Spectacles / Sunglasses

User Journey

These 3 areas of focus help distill the end message delivered to each audience member, ensuring the campaigns relevance is continuously amplified.

Firstly the campaign matches the model within the photography to that of the audience member. Then tapping into the audience’s personal colour choice of clothing the campaign matches the colour range within the optical frames, closest to the colour they are wearing. Lastly even if the audience member is not wearing spectacles, the campaign changes tact and displays the appropriate coloured sunglasses within the range ensuring that the campaign stays consistently relevance to each audience member.

Cannes Lions — Photography by Olivia Marocco
“We have reached a digital tipping point for out of home with scaled digital networks across many of the world’s major cities that allow advertisers to engage audiences with data-driven, real time, contextually relevant messaging. But we’re only just scratching the surface of what is creatively possible, so we’re working with a range of partners who have crafted bespoke activations for the event and the unique festival audience, to inspire the global advertising industry about the creative possibilities of out of home.” William Eccleshare, Chairman & CEO, Clear Channel International
Cannes Lions — Photography by Olivia Marocco

Contextual photography integrated with technology lets marketers customise the creative not just for one person, but for people everywhere, no matter their interests, budgets, or locations. Creating adaptive and relevant experiences that can be measured on metrics that matter to your brand. And in the case of the ‘I Care What You Wear’ campaign this data can be quantified into depicting ongoing colour trends from adapting the imagery to match and read audience colour profiles. Potentially helping identify and inform on future design and marketing material.