Dear BAW Investors,

Today we are bringing to you some very interesting information. It can be said that BAW is one of rare projects that the team is still developing quietly. Not melodramatic or showing off, we always put efficiency as the first priority. And we are very happy to publish the following 2 good news:

1. BAW listed on BitForex

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  • BAW Deposit will open on 2019/09/26 17:00 (GMT+8)

2. Swap Round 3

This will be the last swap in order to convert to Binance Chain platform
We will support swap until Mainnet launching (which is expected to be launched within the next 3…

For many, if not most of its users, cryptocurrencies are more than just currency you can spend. In fact, many people don’t really spend them — instead ,treating them as investments or using them to further other financial enterprises is common..

If you own cryptocurrencies, you can join this world too. It might sound risky at first, but there are ways to minimize the risk and perhaps make a bit of extra income along the way.

Generally, there are three things people do with their crypto you could also do with your BAW tokens. These are:

Holding your tokens

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Holding, or HODLing, as is popularly known in the community, consists in sitting on your crypto. It’s the default stance of most crypto investors. They keep their crypto in their private wallets until they either need to spend it or need to change it for other crypto or fiat currency. …

Wallet hacking is the main way in which cryptocurrency is stolen. Thanks to sensationalism, every single instance of wallet hacking is reported, usually with huge numbers — millions of dollars — in losses tied to them. This has helped create a perception where cryptocurrencies aren’t too safe.

In truth, blockchain itself is impossible to hack. And even wallets are very, very difficult to hack. In order for somebody to hack your own private wallet they’d need to first get ahold of the physical device you keep your wallet on, then somehow find the private key that opens it. …

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In order to complete swapping to Binance Chain platform, we will burn all WAB of the development team, advisors, partners & eco system, marketing.

First, we successfully burned 3 billion WAB of the current development team, and also locked 3 billion BAW

WAB burning schedule of advisor, partner & eco system, marketing will be announced in next week.

Find us on social media:

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Hi BAW Network community!

As mentioned in the previous articles, in this one, we will notice in detail to the investors how and when to convert from ERC20 to BEP2 in Swap Round 2

  • You can only use this swap on Metamask (do not use any exchange wallet)

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As stated in the previous posts, we have completed switching the platform into BEP2 round 1 on IDAX, and successful become a part of Binance Chain. We also do have a great movement on the progress of listing BAW on Binance DEX — the biggest decentralized exchange in the world.

Platform switching process will take place in 3 rounds:

  • Round 1: Swap on IDAX (conpleted)

Also, we will burn all the swapped WAB token before the next round of swap. …

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Scaling has long been considered the bane of blockchain projects. Blockchains tend to be quite fast and efficient at first, but as the networks grow, so does the amount of transactions. This wouldn’t cause problems weren’t it for blockchain’s consensus algorithm, which requires that a wide amount of nodes agree on a transaction’s validity.

This consensus algorithm is the reason blockchain is considered secure, so it’s not something any networks can do away with. Many solutions have been tried over the years, but as of today no blockchain has proven beyond paper that they’ve solved the scalability problem.

Bitcoin: A particularly bad problem

Bitcoin, being the first blockchain, suffers the most from scalability problems. It is estimated that it can handle only between 3 and 7 transactions per second, which is extremely slow for a network that attempts to become a mercantile platform and payment processor. After all, any payment processor out there easily handles a hundred times that many transactions a second in average. …

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Hello BAWnetworkians!

We are very glad to announce the listing of the new BAW token on the Binance Chain platform.

The convert of ERC20 platform to BEP2 platform will take place on IDAX on June 19, 2019. The details are as bellows here

1. BAW getting listed on IDAX

IDAX is the first exchange integrating BEP2 platform and BAW is the very FIRST coin which is run under BEP2 platform on IDAX

  • Deposit Start Time: 11:00, 19th June, 2019 (UTC+8)

IDAX notice:

2. BAW goes online on the BLINK module

For more “Blink” modules transaction events, Click here to…

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Dear WAB Network community!

WAB team is very pleased to announce that we have committed to move and develop the project on the Binance Chain ecosystem — one of the largest coin ecosystems today.We consider that this is a huge step which is rational with the upcoming development of WAB and ready for the mainnet event in the upcoming time. We deeply acknowledge the tremendous value that Binance has contributed to the electronic money community and wish to become a part of their new decentralized ecosystem and promote blockchain applications in real life.

The current WAB token on the ERC-20 platform of Ethereum will be entirely transferred to BAW token on BEP-2 platform of Binance…

One of the main issues with blockchain technology is just how many separate blockchains there are, leading to user fragmentation in a non-monopolized market.

No, that doesn’t sound right. Let’s rewrite that. One of the main issues with blockchain technology is that separate blockchains can’t work with each other, leading to user fragmentation that requires external actors (ie, cryptocurrency exchange sites) for users with different cryptocurrencies to interact with one another.

While the non-centralized, non-monopolized model blockchains follow is positive, having users stuck in small islands, unable to interact with those in others, is a major problem. Sure, we have a solution for now, but these exchange places are problematic by themselves. …

BAW Network

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