Beware the Indian monster. It has a face of a mother

It’s been a while since I’ve visited an Indian school, hang out with the students, share lessons and enjoy great times together

In my first 2 years in India it happened at least once in a month.

Since the last 2 years ago it stopped.

I’ve started exploring and going to nearby school myself, alas not as often as before.

Now it is different.

It is weird.

India is not the same.

Something is looming in the air.

Few days ago I posted something about the ideology called Bharat Mata, or Mother India, something that in the current state of things cannot escape in being labeled as “political”

There was an outburst of distasteful, practically ridiculous reactions around it.

We’ll come to this in a while.

Do I have any vested interests in Indian politics? God, please!

My only driving force is the love I feel for this land and what all we’ve been through together.

But I guess I would have to start from the beginning.

I’ve arrived to India in the distant August 2011!

My beginnings here were of cold caller in small tech company.

That was okay with me, as long as I had a knowledgeable mentor to guide me and share knowledge. Knowledge is what I am after more than anything else.

There was none of that. Here is your second hand cubicle, your phone line and go on, start dialing.

I understood soon enough.

This was not going to be a give and give arrangement.

They just needed a foreigner with exotic accent so that the person on the other side of the line pays more attention, thinking that this is a prominent company calling him.

I got the first taste of Indian tech companies, the cubicles, the conformity, the don’t-say-anything-unless-asked mentality of the Indian worker.

It was disappointing, but I decided to stay for little longer. Until I caught jaundice, a terrible tropical virus.

I will come to that slightly later.

I was graced with ever curious mind especially in philosophy and India on that part was a blessing for me.

I devoted myself to the studies of every possible religious system in India. The Hinduism, the Sikhism, Islam. I was a regular visitor during the local bajaans.

The instrumental music, the voices. It was a bliss.

I started yoga too. Today I am a yoga teacher.

I was a regular visitor to the mosques as well. I used to sit in Jamma Masjid for hours with the scripts the propagandists and the priests gave them to me for free as soon as they noticed that a white guy has entered their domain.

I read them then put them aside then surrendered myself for hours inside the love of the One.

I found beautiful answers in all of them. All Indian religions. Especially Hinduism.

But then something unexpected happened.

Was it my love for the Hindu religion or the depth of the studies I imposed to myself, the scholarly aspects soon got shunned by the devotional aspect.

I found myself a convert of Hinduism.

I started doing various poojas. I worshipped the Tulsi plant. I had pictures of several Hindu gods next to my bed. It was a dramatic change.

Hinduism has always been known to be able to kindle the devotion of those who possess bhakt in their nature.

But then something else happened too.

I started imposing my beliefs to others.

I started debating with my Indian friends. I started preaching them, telling them to eat vegetarian food. I started to see myself as superior to them.

I started seeing myself as “pure” while they were impure for eating meat.

A part inside finally objected against that. What the hell are you doing?

A conflict got invoked inside me which started getting stronger and stronger and stronger.

Add to that the frustration I constantly felt from my work place until one night..

One night, I stood on the edge of the balcony in the paid guest house I used to stay.

I was ready to commit suicide.

The mental pressure, the diversity of though colliding inside in search of truthfulness was unbearable.

The tension resulted in physical illness that kept me bed ridden for almost a month. The jaundice I mentioned above.

As soon as recovered I said bye to everything and decided to take a long pilgrimage across Himalayan India. I needed to understand what exactly happened with me.

The air of the Himalayas cleared the dust and I soon started to realize.

Oh My God!

This is it.

This is what has been victimizing this land and I too fell into the same trap.

The concept of one being pure.

Purity that brings separation.

The other face of Hindu religion the part where one can be pure or impure.

The thing that has kept castes alive for so long and has been handicapping this beautiful land for centuries.

India’s political system has always been taking advantage of that to some extent to appeal to the masses. You are a Hindu, hence you are pure. Join the pure ones.

Social scientists had always been warning about this phenomena but the ruling forces have used media and information overload to shun them away. to confuse the masses and make them forget the issue entirely.

In other words, watch cricket, watch Big Brother, watch Roadies, watch Comedy Night with Kapil, just enjoy life and do not “think” of anything else, we’ll take care of it.

The talk of secularist vs nationalist is an ongoing one since India’s Independence. But the situation seem different lately with the change of the current government.

There is absolutely not a single tenet of secular thinking, nay of rational scientific thought which this government hasn’t broken.

The prime minister dressing himself in saffron vest.

Lesson from Subliminal Communication 101 (polite term for brainwashing) —

The subconscious mind notices color first, text second. That means when you see your prime minister dressed up in saffron vest, an instant reaction happens inside your subconscious mind which affects you thoughts and actions without you being aware of it.

But is saffron the color of the 20 million Muslims living in this land?

Is that Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam?

With such irony and sarcasm India’s prime minister has taken a one sided approach and invited his supporters for ras leela shutting down everyone else who does not sympathize with his thought… Or worse..

On top of it he goes to Maddison Square and opens up his speech with a slogan?

There is a reason why politicians on the west wear costumes.

There is a reason why Mahatma Gandhi was dressed in simple white.

That’s because a nation’s leader is a friend of everyone no matter religion or creed.

Oppression against alternative thought

Look at the case of Kanhaya Kumar.

Principle #1 in good debating:

Talk to your opponent like he’s your best friend, even if he does the opposite. Not only are ad hominem arguments invalid, but they send the signal that you lack better arguments. You’ll also think harder and more creatively about your position once you spurn invective.

No, Kanhaya Kumar didn’t suffer ad hominem attack. There was just a tribesmen of people under the garment of lawyers that just felt like spanking someone’s ass in the middle of a democratic institution.

Hinduization of national TV channels

Do you remember Jai Hanuman the TV serial?

In the past few years only he seemed to have gotten quite some company:

— Jai Jai Jai Bajrang Bali, launched 2011

— Suryaputra Karn, launched 2015

— Mahabali Hanuman, launched 2015

Two prominent Hindu targeting TV serials launched in one year.

I have no idea of a religious themed serials featuring stories from the Islam for example. That means one in every 5 Indians in this country is being told that “this” is what you should be watching.

This is scary. But what is the span of this phenomena?

Recently I posted Facebook after reading an article on Scroll that speaks on using religious ideal in turning a democratic state into a theocratic one.

Here comes some firangi love.

Mind that these are the reaction of educated, employed urban dwellers:

Guess how many people read the article before responding back
Atithi devo bava.. Until..

Observe the crescendo:

Me: India or Bharat Mata?

Facebook friend: Bharat Mata is the same as India my dear

This is insanity!

It’s growing all around us.

What exactly is happening?

Someone’s religious idea turning into a political one where everyone who voices himself against it’s mindlessness is marked as enemy, anti nationalist, should be sent to Pakistan or Macedonia or out of the planet.

But does your dangled Bharat Mata as a national ideal deriving her origin from the 8-armed goddess Durga appeals to the monotheistic ideal of the Muslim?

Why not for example stripe your Bharat mata, and dress her in tunic with face uncovered? That would be fair to the second largest population in India right?

Wouldn’t that still be a mother?


Then in that case your love only confines to the dress, the bangles, the hair, the color, the symbols.

You are going to slay people send them away from this country on the basis of … A garment?

What have they done to you?

Wake up!

And before you keep on saying that what right do I have to speak against your “motherland” send me back to my country or any place else, mind this:

We live in a democratic, connected world where arguments can be debated objectively and from everywhere. Do I need to be in India physically to share a voice of concern for my fellow Indians?

I’ve lived in India for 5 years, burned my tongue and my ass with your spicy food for 5 years, breathed the polluted air of Delhi for 5 years, worked in your BPOs, lived among your semi slums, argued with your beggars, drank cheap liquor countless times on your dusty rooftops, played with your children, suffered every single tropical virus you have, worshiped your gods and lived with desi people 80% of my time.

All this which helped me understand the whole of India.

What more do I require? Taking a sword in my hands? Chanting slogans?

I never had a chauffeur to my work place, never had a servant catering to my personal needs, never had cocktails in a fancy Oberoi, never had a salary more than Rs. 50,000 and barely lived inside your gated societies. Oh and I have never ever been to Goa.

You know where I’ve been these 5 years?

Badrinath. Kedarnath. Rameshwaram. Dwarka. Somnath. Amritsar. Hemkunt Sahib. Pushkar. Fatehpur.

As you see I’ve lived straight through the heart of this land, perhaps more than you will ever do.

My mother blames me for her depression, for her constant concern over me wasting my time and health in this land, earning nothing since the past 5 years.

Last August, the night before I took my flight to India we had a dreadful argument and she cursed me for the person I am. My taxi to the airport was early morning the next day and I didn’t even wake her up. I couldn’t face her. I left for India without saying farewell. I left crying.

You see Bharatwatvis, I too have a mother who is as caring and emotional for her son as yours but I do not need add her as another deity to the existing 73 millions.

Hence, your pitiful attacks only show your lack of argument, your lack of education and your lack of reading.

The only information you consume comes from biased media and polarized leaders. You are being kept inside a limbo. Slowly, slowly you are turning into The Party’s mindless army.

I was a Hindu, I was a Christian I was a Sikh, I was a Buddhist, I was a Muslim.

Five years later I am all of them.

In other words, I am an Indian!

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