When he crossed the colorful gate of Delhi Hut he had no idea what would the person he was about to meet would be like.

He has seen her picture got connected to her on Facebook, read here Avani-sms.

Thirty minutes later he was lost in a beautiful rhapsody of her story on starting one of the most changing initiatives in her lifetime triggered by a tragic event that happened in the state of Gujarat few years ago.

Her name was Avani.

She is a founder of LoveDoctor, a direct helpline and consultant for everyone who may have any question on sex and relationships too “uncomfortable” to discuss with others.

The guy who went to meet her was the prodigal founder of StayUncle, couple’s best friend and India’s only portal where everyone including couples with local ID proof can book a hotel for 10 hours and pay only a 10 hours rate. That’s me.

The duo was up for an unexpected surprise

Few days later a person messaged me on Facebook with a very unusual statement.

- How dare you call yourselves couple’s best friend without talking on the real things?

The guy was Balaji the founder of Lovetreats a Bangalore based startup encouraging people to further discover the sensual side of relationship by making the purchase of sexual wellness products non-intimidating and fun.

Yes — Bangalore and gadgets — Typical isn’t it?

The cofounder of StayUncle learned something else too. He didn’t know that there is such thing called glowing condoms.

What is common between the three of them?

They were all broken at some point of time.

Avani’s failed relationship which took her 9 years of her life until she started “living again” made her believe that people are yet to be taught about the true meaning of love. She doesn’t want others to repeat the hard mistakes she made.

Balaji who saw how uncomfortable people in India were to buy intimate products and found it difficult to even ask pharmacits about different options for condoms.

Blaze who once tried to commit suicide at a guest house in Gurgaon and has already told plenty about why he and Sanchit started an hourly based hotel booking website for couples.

They all found their healing in the land that heals us all.

So what does an NRI a desi boy and a firangi have in the business of sex?

Not much really. They just want to contribute in making the world we want to live in. And we also believe that sex is too much important to be left to those who never got laid before.

They have some special stuff planned for the Indian couples. Something that will make you giggle. Something that will invite you to take a fine journey of blue skies and freedom. A journey of discovery.

Meet The Alliance, the act of joining forces in attempt to provide a holistic service to young Indian people on the subtleties around love, relationships sex and everything in between.

How would that look like?

Basically you will be able to enter The Alliance and become a privileged member and recipient of multiple advantages no matter where you entry was from.

This means that The LoveDoctor clients will be eligible for privileged club based prices for hotel booking for 10 hours.

Couples who book a hotel via @StayUncle will be capable to order their experimental intimate product at special prices from Lovetreats and get it delivered anywhere they want.

Both, clients of Lovetreats and StayUncle can at any time reach out to the LoveDoctor channel specially reserved for the “alliance” and get private and personalized counselling.

In other word you try any one of the services within The Alliance and you become a part of a club where you end up getting up the specials from all the tree of them.

Now comes the biggest surprise. We struggled to find a name for it.

Finally we called it Zen Ex — India’s largest seminar on sex. You may want to take a more private angle with your laptop.

Zen-Ex will be an online webinar where Love treats, StayUncle and Lovedoctor are joining hands to finally open up and speak on the topic of love sex and relationships. All registrants will automatically become eligible for the Alliance’s giveaways and privileges we mentioned above.

To register on the waiting list and be updated on the date of the launching of Zen-Ex click here.

We are thinking of a very special gift if some of you make your parents attend this webinar alongside you. But let’s not uncover all the surprises at once

Let’s instead make a billion dollar nation talk about sex :)

– The Alliance

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