It’s our 80th blog post and things went all nude

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last week the StayUncle blog has reached it’s 80th post

Sorry, I couldn’t wait till the 100th or the 1000th. I want to become all teary and emotional right now..

I won’t go deep into how almost all of my co-founders came to me or called me from their homes with tons of curses as if I have raped their mothers, telling me — you are ruining my life, why did you write such stuff — Just who the hell you think you are; or how a major stakeholder of ours wrote to us recently that our shitty dumbed down ‘hey dost’ marketing’ will not work for us.

I won’t tell you what we did.

Instead I will tell you what we didn’t do.

A keen observer of the StayUncle story will notice that none a single one of the blog posts have ever attempted to sell you a 10 hours hotel accommodation for couples.

As you can see we were not exactly that good at direct selling.

Therefore we had to do what we are good at.

Telling stories.

Doing backchoodi

So we did tell our story

And we did some backchood.

Then we asked.

We asked for help.

We asked for help by those who resonated with us, who needed a space, a room, an expression.

And it turned out that hey there are many like that.

But for most people it cannot work this way, because we can barely recall how to ask nowadays. Asking others to do something is often taken as a scary thing, as a crime.

We miss the other the more beautiful side of asking.

Asking means giving others a chance to connect to you.

As Amanda Palmer said in her beautiful TED Talk — being a commercial celebrity means people loving you from a distance. But when you throw all the commercial labels away, when 200.000 became merely 20.000 then you ask you give people chance to love you and be close to you once again.

After graduating from a liberal art school she started earning her daily bread by masking herself as the 8 feet tall bride standing on a plastic box and giving flowers to random stranger whenever some of them dropped her a coin. Many people used to yell at her from the cars — Get a job!

We couldn’t have started worse. We gave massages to random people across Delhi and sold tea on the street.

Amanda’’s version of “Get a job” seems to equal StayUncle’s “shitty dumbed down ‘hey dost’ marketing….

No, it’s unlikely that you’ll find a blog post on StayUncle listing — 8 hotels in Delhi that serve the best $4000 martini.

You will rather find StayUncle in places like slums, red zones and gay parades — Places where so called freaks hang out.

Places where people longing to connect and give a helping hand or simply kiss you, hang out with you.

Few years later after Amanda Palmer played the 8-feet tall bride her music project on Kickstarter got backed by more than 25.000 backers .

Then she organized a party for her backers, stripped herself off and let her fans put their signatures all over her naked body. “This is how much I trust you” she told them.

Nowadays we too receiving daily notes of people full of gratitude and encouragement for what StayUncle is trying to do here in India.

Do you still wonder why I want to put up a saree and take a walk around Connaught Place?

Because I have all the reasons in this world. I have your love.

Because at the end of the day it is not whether your company stands for couples or gays or for sex toys or whatever. It is about connecting with people on people level and giving them a chance to love you in their own way.

That will not happen while the founder of the company is giving polished interviews on Bloomberg TV.

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