Everybody In NNPC Is A Thief (A Polemic)
Feyi Fawehinmi

The purpose of NNPC was not to achieve anything useful. No matter the arguments that were made for it at the time, there were other options available. From the point of view of the government, it was simply to allow them control the nation’s resources. And they did this purely for greed — the oil money flowing in was very attractive. Thus, NNPC of today is doing exactly what it was set up to do — steal from Nigerians.

Very true.

Nigeria itself was formed as an institution to steal from the Native Tribes or Peoples within its territory. That was the sole purpose of Nigeria as devised by the UK and the Nigerian State continues to fulfill that purpose till this day. NNPC is an arm of the Nigerian State.

The NNPC, the Land Use Act and its predecessors and the Cocoa Marketing Board and all the other Produce Boards and the Petroleum Act and price regulations and so on have been instruments to fulfill the objectives of the Nigerian State. Theft has always been the intent of Nigeria and it will ALWAYS be so despite the half hearted attempts to change such as the deregulation of cocoa by IBB in 1986.

What Nigerians call “independence” in 1960 was an expansion of the writ that allowed the Native Tribes to use the same colonial laws to steal from each other.

Now let’s get down to particulars.

The Land Use Act steals from ALL TRIBES in Nigeria. No person or tribes within the territory of Nigeria has had full control of their lands since the UK claimed the country as a colony.

The Nigerian Iron Ore Mining Company steals from the tribes of Kogi State on whose lands the iron ore is found.

The federal government monopoly on Sea ports is theft from the coastal peoples of Nigeria.

The NNPC steals from crude oil & natural gas producing tribes in Nigeria.

It just happens that crude oil & natural gas are the most valuable resource. It’s very funny to read Nigerians always claiming “our oil”. I mean, really?

The NNPC is not stealing “from the Nigerian people” because there’s no such thing. There’s no Nigerian but there is a Yoruba, Kanuri, Ijaw, Efik and Fulani people. That is the truth and it explains all of the Big & Small hypocrisies that bedevil that National territory.

So when you write of the NNPC:

There is only one option — completely destroy and shut it down. Nothing else can work. It has no business being in existence at all.

You should be writing about Nigeria. Nigeria has no business existing.

I recommend to everyone the book that completely explains Nigeria and has radically influenced my own thinking. It is “Open Sore of a Continent” by Wole Soyinka. Though it was written back in 1996, it explains why and how Kongi came to support Buhari in the 2015 elections. There are no Nigeria and there’s no Nigerians. NNPC is not the problem, the problem is Nigeria and the misguided loyalty to that country by those who should know better.