Filling in WP’s blanks — What could a TheySinned Administration look like?

BY: Matthew_Castellan, BBC News US President and Founder
EDITED BY: BBC Journalists

One of TheySinned’s campaign signs.

(BBC) — Recently, the Washington Post has made a possible administration article for TheySinned’s campaign, as he is the leading candidate in all major polls. He is backed by democrats, republicans, and much more, while being independent. We recently conducted polls, and majority of people voted for TheySinned (votes that counted). Because of this, we will be filling in the blanks of possible candidates for TheySinned’s administration.

Sixth in the line of succession for the presidency, and the leader of the military and multiple different agencies.

Secretary of Defense

General Jason_Powell’s Twitter profile picture.

Although he has said he would like to remain Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff before, we believe that General of the Army (currently a Marine General) Jason_Powell would be a good Secretary of Defense. Both default and rank wise, General Powell is the highest ranking officer in the United States Military. Being the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff grants him the status of being the highest rank in the military alone, but him holding a lifetime O11 General of the Army rank adds onto it. General Powell has been known to be the youngest CJCS to date, acquiring the position at the age of fourteen. General Powell has also held many offices in different branches and the Joint Staff. One of his most notable offices is Chief of Staff of the Army.

ExhaIted’s ROBLOX profile picture.

On the other hand, Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, ExhaIted, has applied for Secretary of Defense. Prior to being Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, ExhaIted was a Lieutenant General in the United States Army (in real life, he would still hold such a rank, as the DIA Director is always an O9 or O10 from the military in reality). ExhaIted has been described to be one of the most active and respectable people both in the DIA and the military. He was known by fellow soldiers to be a great leader in the military, and would be a great nominee for Secretary of Defense.

Ninth/tenth in the presidential line of succession (8th in game) and in charge for most non-government related jobs, such as private businesses.

Sen. theEastCoastTurtle’s Profile Picture

Former Senator theEastCoastTurtle is known to be the primary candidate for Secretary of Commerce and Labor in TheySinned’s campaign. He is a economist, former senator, U.S. Ambassador, and veteran of the U.S. Military. Being a former Senator, theEastCoastTurtle has experience in our government and would be one of the obvious choices for a cabinet position such as this.

Seventeenth/eighteenth in the presidential line of succession (Tenth in ROBLOX) and in charge of homeland security. A position held by TheySinned himself.

Secretary of Homeland Security

President SuddenRush12G’s Twitter profile picture.

The current President of the United States of America, SuddenRush12G is a likely candidate for this position. He is a known TheySinned supporter. He has held a position in pretty much every department in the United States, along with being the former Vice President. Him and TheySinned are known to have a good relationship, and as President there isn’t really anyone who could potentially become Secretary of Homeland Security if President SuddenRush12G was to apply for the cabinet position.

LordSight’s Twitter profile Picture

Lordsights is the current Director of the Federal Protective Service. If anyone were to become Secretary of Homeland Security over SuddenRush12G, it would be him. He is known to be one of the best Federal Protective Service Directors that there have ever been since the existence of the agency in NUSA. He is known to be active, and is obviously is a potential nominee and good choice for being the Secretary of Homeland Security.

Not at all in the presidential line of succession, this person leads the Intelligence Community and serves as a presidential adviser.

Director of National Intelligence

Whazzi’s Twitter profile picture.

Whazzi is the current Director of National Intelligence. He is also regarded as one of the best by many, or at least high up on the leader board. Whazzi has made amazing progress in the Intelligence Community in his tenure that hasn’t been that long so far. To see him hold a second term in this position would allow him to continue his activity and progress he has made in the Intelligence Community.

We have no possible candidates listed for Secretary of Transportation.

Fifth in line for president, and the person in charge of our Treasury Department.

Secretary of the Treasury

Sec. Joy_Romero’s Twitter profile picture

Although we believe he has not yet applied for any position in TheySinned’s campaign, Joy_Romero is a likely and one of the only people we could find that are a possible candidate for Secretary of the Treasury. Secretary Joy_Romero employs over sixty people and is a notable Secretary of the Treasury. He has made much progress throughout his tenure.

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