5 Essential Steps to Promote your App

5 Essential Steps to Promote your App Our most successful districts have done the following when launching their District App

Set a Launch Date

Get with your team to organize and schedule your app promotion

Create Buzz

Inform your community their District will be getting an app.

  1. Use robocalls/emails/texts, social media, newsletters and the district website to announce that it is coming and what it will do.
  2. Start promoting your app with banners, posters, flyers, updated marquee signs, yard signs, youtube videos, etc. — Choose the techniques that work best in your area

Soft Launch

Get buy-in from your Staff and Parent Communities

  1. Have a soft-launch party for your PTA/PTO — Invite Principals/Teachers to participate
  2. Ask soft-launchers to rate/review/blog about the app prior to official launch


Officially release the app for your educational community

  1. Include the media in your launch (Press Release, Press Conference, Offer Interviews)
  2. Use Blackboard Mass Notification— Send a message to everyone announcing the app the morning of release
  3. Share the app via social media — Provide links to download and post app-related videos
  4. Post information on your district website homepage that gives visitors links to download the app, as well as instructions on using the app

Continue Promotion

Don’t stop after launch.

  1. Promote the app at events throughout the year — Sporting events, fundraisers, back to school nights, parent meetings, contests, etc.