Spam…10 Tips to Keep Your Emails Out of It

  1. Do not use spam trigger words in the subject line. A comprehensive list of words can be found here: List of words causing Spam
  2. DO NOT USE ALL CAPS anywhere in your email. Including the subject line. Even when it may be useful to make a point, spam filters are very keen on all caps messages.
  3. Do not use a lot of exclamation points!!!!!!
  4. Limit the links in your email.
  5. Spam filters can be triggered by code pulled in from Microsoft Word. So try not to paste from word. Instead use Wordpad (Windows) or TextEdit (Mac) to paste from.
  6. Be consistent. Try not to stray too far from the content and design that your audience already associates with your brand, website, or social media channels.
  7. Do not use red font and make sure you don’t have hidden text (text with the same color as the background color).
  8. Ask your readers to add you to their email address book
  9. Send from people, not organizations. It is ok to have a persons name and organization as the from name.
  10. Keep your emails shorter. Too much copy is another red flag for spam filters