New Twitch Mobile App Available Now
Emily Halpin

This is a terrible update. The vast majority of Twitter, Reddit, and App Store reviews agree on that. Twitch added features that we didn’t need or want, like swipe surfing, required logins, and unrequested follows. And Twitch removed critical features that help us interact with our favorite streamers, like landscape chat and volume slider. And of course there are tons of bugs that come with any [unnecessary] overhaul, like subscribers seeing ads, and problems with chromecast. Twitter, Reddit, and App Store reviews have much longer lists of complaints and issues, with the rare positive reviews from streamers who thinks its cool to be able to stream with the mobile app or casual users who barely know the old Twitch app. Unfortunately Twitch is continuing to push this update. It would be far more respectable if Twitch posted a blog article explaining that they understand the negative feedback, have some open dialog with the user base about what’s important to change or fix in the old version, roll back the update, and revisit the app overhaul in the future.

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