Summertime…and the Linking is Easy

It’s summer — a time for heading to the beach, hanging out with friends at a barbecue, and doing all we can to enjoy the warm weather. Since we can’t send you ice cream bars or iced beverages (yet) via API, we thought we’d send you something equally refreshing: better product links in our API response documents.

On June 20, 2016, we updated our API response documents with our new url and addToCartUrl links. Our new URL structure allows us to ensure that you are receiving up-to-date links for our products, and allows us to better track how your customers are interacting with those URLs. We also made some improvements under-the-hood so our add-to-cart links are more robust and will allow us to add links for open box products (for SKUs available as open box) in the near future.

A few highlights to note:

  • The links included in the response document for the product detail page and add-to-cart (url and addToCartUrl) are custom built for you and that particular product. The links will look like this:
“url”: “"
“addToCartUrl”: “"
  • If you are currently creating URLs based on our prior link structure, and not using the ones passed by the API, those URLs will no longer work and will start to return errors
  • What we are now passing is essentially a redirect link — you will no longer be able to create your own links based on a static structure
  • Links expire after 7 days — if you are not currently refreshing data at least once per week, you will need to increase the frequency that you ask for fresh URL data from our APIs
  • As of June 20, the addtoCartUrl links are no longer passed in the bulk (archive) downloads — they may be added back in at a later date
  • For our Affiliate partners: LinkShare IDs (LIDs) can still be passed in and will be appended to the URLs provided by our APIs
  • If you are simply passing through the URLs we provide from live calls to our APIs, no additional work is needed

If you’d like to know more or have questions, you can always email us at

Thanks — and happy summer!