The Cuwvas effect

The First Episode

On Nathan’s way back from the clinic he wondered about what may await him at home. The ride was taking far longer than it normally would because of the eerie fog that rolled in of the sparkling lake. Finally Nathan got back to his town, which greatly relived him because he was getting slightly more anxious than he normally would be on a day like today. Then he got home he firmly shut the door and grabbed his briefcase as he strolled inside. However, what was waiting on the other side of the door was no strolling sort of manner.

As soon as Nathan opened the door he was grabbed by the wrist and taken to the ground. Nathan was quickly put into submission. He awoke with his eyes fluttering, confused. He was in an overly white room that had very vibrant lighting. Nathan walked around the room and wondered about what had actually happened but he couldn’t remember a thing after grabbing his briefcase from the car. As he walked around the room he discovered a small handle that seemed like a way out. He pulled on it and it opened right up.

Nathan proceeded through the doorway and seemed like he was in his house,but it seemed more tense than it should have. Nathan thought to himself how this could be happening to him on his birthday but before he could explore anymore all of his friends and relatives jumped out of the doorways and closets of his house and screamed,”Happy Birthday Nathan!”, at that Nathan jumped and stuttered backward.

Nathan was incredible confused and didn’t know whether he should think of them as partygoers or attackers. He thought that he was going insane so he walked up to his “wife” and asked her the date and state that they lived in. Kelley laughed it off in response and asked him if he wanted any peanut butter and jam cake. Nathan said a questionable yes because it was indeed his favorite kind of cake. When Kelly came back with the cake Nathan immediately began to devour the cake. In between bites Nathan attempted to ask his questions but as soon as he did the floor opened up to pitch black and Nathan fell right through the floor.As he was falling he saw a variety of extremely curious objects such as a CIRCUS,GIANT BICUSPIDS,and a couple TRICYCLES.Nathan wondered to him self if he made a PREMATURE decision to come home from the clinic for his birthday. Nathan was shocked at all the EXTRORDINARY things that he had seen in one simple day. Nathan was mentally UNFIT for the DEMOLITION of what was and wasn’t real. Nathan was shocked at the fact that what he thought of his mind as SUPERIOR compared to that of his SUBSTANTIAL friends. However when Nathan was wracking his brain for answers a strong male voice INTERJECTED his thoughts.

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