The most interesting person in the world is by far Jacob because he has the best outlook on life and always has his own answer to any question that anyone can ask him. I bet if you asked fifteen Jacobs around the world Jacobs answer would be different.

Jacob is also easily frightened so good luck trying to watch a scary movie with him, but this isn’t nescessarily a bad thing because he can spend his money on better things than a scary movie such as any other sort of movie, or just anything else that he would want like a yacht.

If Jacob saved up enough money to buy a yacht he would name it the S.S. Friendship and everyone would be invited onto his yacht. It would be alright if the yacht was overcrowded and it sank because Jacob enjoys swimming and would like to swim in the Olympics. Jacobs favorite character from ScoobyDoo has to be ScoobyDoo because he is scared easily.

Jacob believes that the most important gift in the whole universe is life because without life we wouldn’t have ScoobyDoo,yachts,scary movies,Jacob,ourselves, and our spaghetti. Which by the way Jacobs definite favorite non-pizza Italian dish is of course spaghetti.

On the topic of food Jacob doesn’t like tea so if he lost a pinky he wouldn’t be angry. He also greatly enjoys frosted flakes because Tony the Tiger wouldn’t dare lie to Jacob about the fact that THEY’RE GREAT.

Now if you don’t think that Jacob is the most interesting person in the world then you must think that you, yes you think that you are the most interesting person in the world(Even though you would be wrong).

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