Basketball Shooting Drills: Brad Stevens Shooting

This is one of my absolute favorite shooting drills because it encompasses several different game-like shooting movements into one drill.

Number of people needed: 2. This drill needs at least one shooter and a rebounder/passer. If you have a shooting machine like the Dr. Dish, your players can perform this drill on their own.

Performing the drill:

The drill starts with a player in the corner with their hands & feet ready to shoot. They will take their first shot off of a catch-and-shoot in the corner.

The next shot is a 1-dribble pull-up from the corner. This can be executed off of a shot-fake or off of a catch & quick dribble pull-up.

After the player takes their 1-dribble pull-up, they will v-cut and execute a curl cut for a shot.

After executing the curl cut for a shot, the player will perform a v-cut to the elbow and execute a flair cut for a shot.

The last shot of the drill, the player will sprint and touch the half-court line, and then receive a pass at the three-point line and take a shot in transition.

In this drill, players execute five different shots:

  • Shot in the corner
  • 1-dribble pull-up
  • Curl to the wing
  • Flair to the wing
  • 3-pointer in transition

Drill Variations

You can add several variations to this drill. Some of those variations could be:

  • Have the players take multiple shots from each spot & cut
  • Have the player do the same thing starting from the other corner immediately after the 3-pointer in transition
  • Have the player repeat the drill a certain amount of times before their partner goes

You need to ensure that your players are going hard through this drill and executing their cuts and footwork properly. Don’t let your players develop poor habits within the drill (i.e. not squaring up on a curl cut, or not sprinting on the shot in transition). These drills should be executed at game-speed so that they prepare your players for game action.

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Originally published at on May 25, 2017.

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