“Basketball Wives: Twitter” Season 1, Episode 5

“Basketball Wives: Twitter” Title

(After the intro plays, the scene transitions to Eva’s beautiful mansion where camera crews just showed up after her INSANE meltdown at Malu’s party)

Eva’s Mansion

(Ramona & Jasmine walk into the house with the camera crew as they look for Eva)

Ramona’s Confessional: So, after Eva’s meltdown at Malu’s party… Jasmine & I decided to head over to Eva’s home to make sure she got home okay and see what’s going on because she was obviously not doing well. I lost my sister to drunk driving and the fact Eva made it home is a fucking miracle! I wish she wouid have listened. Her emotions are high. She is not over that cheating scandal. She is not fine.

Ramona: *looking around* Eva?… Are you home?…

Jasmine: Well, obviously her car is outside so she must be home…

Ramona: Jasmine, look in the bathroom downstairs and I’ll look upstairs…

(While the ladies are searching, they hear glass break and someone screaming)

Ramona: *hears screaming & yells through the house* EVA!! EVA!!!!

Jasmine: *running upstairs* RAMONA, WHERE THE FUCK IS SHE?! DID YOU FIND HER?! *yelling* EVA! WHERE ARE YOU?!!

(A trail of blood is seen leading to Eva’s bedroom)

Ramona: *sees blood* WHAT THE FUCK…

(The ladies run into Eva’s bedroom and see her laying in the closet)

Eva: *on the closet floor crying hysterically with blood all over her*


Eva: *cries even louder*

Ramona’s Confessional: When I saw the blood on the floor I was SO SCARED! I literally thought she was dead at first! Like I was seriously PETRIFIED!

Ramona: *bends down towards Eva* What the- *sees blood and cut on arm* WE NEED AN AMBULANCE NOW!!

Eva: *yells* BITCH, I’M FINE!

Jasmine: You’re obviously NOT FINE! Tell us what happened…



Eva: *while crying and hyperventilating* I-I-I CC-AME HOME FROM THE HOUSE AND I-I WAS SO ANGRY I THREW GLASS…

Jasmine: But WHY?!

Eva: *tries to get a hold of herself* My ex had called me and left a voicemail saying he wishes he never dated me and I’m a horrible human… And that he started cheated when I gained weight… *starts bawling again*

Ramona: What a MONSTER! He has serious mental issues! Eva, you are beautiful soul! You deserve so much better than that bastard…

Eva: I know… you’re right… I just need sleep… *continues crying as she crawls into bed* Can you guys just leave me alone for a little bit? I appreciate you all coming, but I need alone time…

Jasmine: Of course… we’re out of here… call us later… PLEASE!

(Everyone is seen exiting Eva’s house in sadness as the scene transitions to a restaurant where Janae is anxiously waiting)

Janae Hall
Marissa (Janae’s Friend/Maid of Honor)

Marissa: *walks in and sits down* Hey girl! How’re you doing?

Janae: I’m good… BUT I’m gonna make this SWEETand SIMPLE... STOP texting my man, BITCH!

Marissa: What?! I’m so confused!

Janae: *angry* You’re not confused… you’re a WHORE! You’ve been texting Carlos, calling him babe, and asking him to send you dick picks! You’re a SLUT Marissa! You’re OUT of my wedding!

Marissa: *smirks* First off, If I wanted Carlos then I could HAVE him baby girl & I don’t wanna be in your wedding anyways! You’re gonna get divorced two months later anyways because Carlos wants ME!

Janae: In your DREAMS, BITCH! *gets up and throws drink* I’m the BITCH you’re trying to be! *walks away*

Marissa: *tries to attack Janae as security holds her back* FUCK YOU YOU DUMB TRICK!

(Scene ends with Marissa being held by security and Janae leaving the restaurant and moving on with her life… the scene then transitions to another restaurant on the other side of town)

Kourtney Martin

Kourtney: *arrives at restaurant and sits down to wait for the other ladies as confessional plays*

Kourtney’s Confessional: So jasmine asked me to come to lunch today to talk about what happened at that nasty bitch house party or whatever you call it.
Jasmine Reed

Jasmine: *walks into lunch with Kourtney* Hey girl! How’re you doing mama?

Kourtney: *hugs Jasmine* I’m good girl, just waiting on the BITCH to arrive! *rolls eyes*


Malu: *walks in seeing the ladies* hey hey heyyyy *goes to Jasmine’s jugs*

Jasmine: *laughs* GIRL, you crack me up!

Kourtney: *rolls eyes when Malu walks in*

Kourtney’s Confessional: Malu looks so ugly that she need to go back to Dr. MIAMI. *laughs*

Malu: *sits down and puts fur on the back of my seat* So, let’s cut the petty side shit… what is your issue with me Kourtney?! Because I feel like you were just attacking me at my own and I don’t understand why…*tilts head with a confused look on my face*

Kourtney: *Flips hair* I don’t attack, I check bitches!

Malu: Check me for what?! Because you were really just being a hater!

Kourtney: I’m NEVER a hater boo boo!

Malu: I don’t speak on you I don’t even think about you for a second I’m my daily life so I’m not sure why come to my house and try to stir things up?

Jasmine: Kourtney… it honestly seemed like you were hating!

Malu: If you have a larger house so be it but I worked hard for my house before I started dating Dwight.

Kourtney: *gets up* Ya’ll got me ALL THE WAY fucked up!

Malu: *waves* OK, bye bitch!

Jasmine: *yells at Kourtney* BITCH, SIT DOWN! *gets up* STOP! We aren’t gonna fight about stupid shit today! Just fucking make up & move on!

Kourtney: OK I’m gonna be a grown women… *Sits down*

Malu: Kourtney, all I want is an apology… for being disrespected.

Kourtney: Girl, I will NEVER apologize but I will say that I was wrong for what I said and did at your event.

Jasmine: *confused look* Um… isn’t that an apology?

Kourtney: *looks at Jasmine* Did I say sorry? No! So it’s NOT an apology.

Jasmine: *sighs* Girl, just FUCKING apologize!

Jasmine’s Confessional: If Kourtney would just apologize and SHUT HER MOUTH, things would be a lot easier!

Malu: If you don’t want to apologize then you can do exactly what you did at my party and BOUNCE! Because this is a waste of my time and you’re acting so childish!

Kourtney: I’m not going to leave, how about YOU leave!

Malu: Are you taking your anger on me because you & your man are on a break? *sips drink*

Kourtney: Girl, what’re you talking about?! My man’s at HOME!

Malu: Oh, really? Well, the blogs are talking babe… *smirks*

Kourtney: GIRL, shut the fuck up because your man was just sucking on my pussy few years ago… *smirks*

Malu: *stands up* LISTEN, We’re NOT going to go there!

Kourtney: Go where? *laughs*

Malu: Don’t EVER try to disrespect me again! *slams wine down on the table spilling it on the floor* I’m DONE! *picks up fur and leaves*

Jasmine: *runs after Malu* NO! COME BACK!


(Jasmine and the camera crew follows Malu out to the parking lot)

Jasmine: Are you OK?

Malu: No, FUCK HER! If that bitch talks about me or my man again, she won’t be talking EVER AGAIN!

Jasmine: *rolls eyes* BITCH, I can’t deal with this childish shit today!

Malu: Well, then don’t worry babe… you won’t have to deal with me anymore! *takes mic off and throws it on the ground* I’M DONE! *gets into car and drives off*

Malu’s Confessional: Listen up, Kourtney! *points at the camera* The next time you speak like that to me, the bottle will be connecting to your FUCKING HEAD! That’s all I gotta say!


(The scene ends with Jasmine and Kourtney driving off)
NEXT TIME on “Basketball Wives: Twitter” Jasmine prepares her collection for a HUGE upcoming fashion event in Twitter. Kourtney invites Ava out for a fun day at the beach to finally squash their beef, but things get out of hand very quickly. Jasmine’s relaxing spa day turns into an intervention for Eva which ends in a devastating situation.
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