“Basketball Wives: Twitter” Season 1, Episode 7

“Basketball Wives: Twitter” Title

(After the intro plays the scene transitions to an upscale restaurant in upper Twitter)

Restaurant (Interior)
Ramona Washington

Ramona: *enters the restaurant and is seated alone as confessional plays*

Ramona’s Confessional: So, ladies & gentleman it’s FINALLY happening… I’m going on a DATE! Jasmine’s a matchmaker and hooked me up with this guy… I honestly don’t know much about him and I’m SO nervous. I mean, I haven’t dated anyone in a while and I’m a little rusty… BUT I have been practicing with those sex toys! *giggles*

(A tall man walks up behind Ramona and taps her on the shoulder)

Jeremy (Ramona’s Date)

Jeremy: *taps Ramona on the shoulder* Excuse me… are you Ramona?

Ramona: *startled* Damn, you scared me! *turns around and sees Jeremy & becomes speechless* Um….

Ramona’s Confessional: He is GORGEOUS! Like damn Jasmine, you did great! I can barely get a word out and I look like a complete idiot, but I don’t care… he’s HOT! *giggles*

Jeremy: Do I have the wrong table or nah?…

Ramona: NO! NO! Hi, I’m Ramona…

Jeremy: *shakes Ramona’s hand* Nice to meet you, I’m Jeremy. *sits down* Sorry I was running a bit late, I got caught up at work…

Ramona: *giggles* That’s usually my excuse! I’m a workaholic!

Jeremy: Oh that’s awesome! I’m the same way… I’m actually a pediatrician and I used to be a model.

Ramona: *mouth drops* Um… um… um… Am I being punked?!

Jeremy: *confused* Uh, excuse me?

Ramona: No, like you’re seriously PERFECT. This can’t be possible…

Jeremy: Uh, it’s possible I guess? I mean I’m far from perfect, but from what I know you… you seem pretty perfect! *winks*

Ramona: *smiles* OH, really? *blushes*

Jeremy: *bites lip* Yeah, so just calm down beautiful… you’re amazing. Don’t be nervous!

Ramona: *blushes and giggles* OK, hehe…

(The two continue chatting as a time lapse of the date is shown and it fast forwards to the end of the night)

Jeremy: *walks Ramona to her uber* So, I had an amazing night with you… when will I see you again?

Ramona: *blushes* Well, you can see me whenever you would like… I’m open… *smiles*

Jeremy: Oh really? So you’ll put work to the side for me? *smiles*

Ramona: Yes, of course! It’s time for me to put myself first for once…

Jeremy: *leans in and kisses Ramona*

Ramona: *turns red and smiles after kiss* Um… that was amazing… *looks at uber* I better get going… goodnight, Jeremy!

Jeremy: *grabs Ramona* No, I’m gonna take you home… *smiles and tells Uber to go home*

Ramona: *holds Jeremy’s hand and follows him* OK, I trust you! *giggles*

(The couple is seen walking off into the distance as the scene transitions to a playground where Jasmine, Willie, and their kids are spending a day playing)

Jasmine Reed
Willie Reed (Jasmine’s Husband)
Jasmine’s Confessional: So, today is the day before my fashion show and I have SO much to do… but I decided to take a break and spend some much needed family time with Willie and the kids. Willie isn’t too happy that I’ve been working so much lately, but I’ve supported him for SO long and it’s finally my time to shine!

Jasmine: *sliding down the slide with the kids* WEEEEEEEEEEE! This is so much fun!

Willie: *playing Basketball with his son* YEAH BOY! We have another little Baller in the family from the looks of it!

Jasmine: *to the kids* Hey guys, Mommy & Daddy are gonna go take a break… be careful and be GOOD! *takes Willie and goes to sit on the bench*

Willie: *puts his arm around Jasmine* AHHHH, Babe this is SO nice… I just love spending time with the family. I’m happy you took time of your busy schedule to actually spend time with us… *chuckles*

Jasmine: *looks at Willie very offended and confused* EXCUSE ME?! I spend a lot of time with the family… I just haven’t been as much recently because of Miami Swim Week… but this is the opportunity of a lifetime… maybe you just don’t get it, babe…

Willie: *annoyed* Jas, you’re seriously NEVER HOME! Good thing I’m in the off season, because I’m able to take over, but you need to get your priorities straight… having a million jobs is STUPID, especially when you don’t need them. I make the money is this house… NOT YOU! Like why did you even have to do this stupid fashion line anyway?

Jasmine: Will, it’s not even about the money! I ENJOY working and doing my own thing… This isn’t 1922… women WORK for a living now and I do AMAZING at ALL of the things that I do… but thanks for your advice.

Willie: Jasmine, I’m not gonna argue with you about this anymore… but I will say that I’ll be glad when this fashion shit is over… *gets up and walks back over to the kids*

Jasmine: *annoyed* Whatever…

Jasmine’s Confessional: I’m SO annoyed at Willie right now… he’s acting like an ass and I’m just not in the mood to deal with his attitude. I’ve ALWAYS supported him in everything he’s done and now that my work schedule is affecting my home life and things aren’t going his way, he gets upset. Hopefully after this fashion show, things will calm down and my marriage will be great again… but until then I’m not sure what i’m going to do… Will’s never been this pissed before… *starts tearing up* I can’t let my career ruin my marriage…

(Jasmine gets up from the bench and plays with the kids as the scene transitions to the next day at the fashion show venue)


Cocktail Hour (Fashion Show Venue)
Jasmine Reed
Jasmine’s Confessional: Today is the BIG day! I’m debuting my new swimsuit line at Twitter Swim Week. I’ve been preparing for MONTHS & I can’t believe the day is finally here!

Jasmine: *walks in to the cocktail hour and greets other guests*

Ramona Washington

Ramona: *walks in and sees Jasmine* HEY GIRL! Congrats! *hugs Jasmine*

Jasmine: *excited* HEY GIRL! Thanks so much for coming!

Ramona: Of course, girl! You know I would NEVER miss this!

Ramona’s Confessional: So, today is Twitter Swim Week which is huge for the fashion community. I’m here to support my girl Jasmine, but I’m also here to see what is new for Resort season and which trends we will feature in the magazine. I LIVE for this!

Jasmine: *shaking* Girl, I’m literally SO nervous…

Ramona: *comforts Jasmine* Babe, you will do just fine! Don’t worry!

Eva Marion

Eva: *walks in with a bottle of vodka in hand and walks up to the girls* Hi, ladies…

Ramona: *turns around and rolls eyes at Eva*

Jasmine: *sees Eva* Hi… I’m actually shocked you’re here, but thanks for coming… I guess… but you’re already on my bad side, so please… NO drama tonight!

Eva: *gives Jasmine the death stare* REALLY BITCH?!

Jasmine: *looks Eva straight in the face* Yes… REALLY bitch!

Eva: Gosh, you’re such an ass wipe Jasmine…

Jasmine: *gets upset* I’m not an ass wipe! I’m just saying if you’re here to truly SUPPORT me then support me. You always want the attention on you & this is my night!

Ramona: *grabs the bottle of vodka out of Eva’s hands* You DON’T need this!

Eva: *tries to grab the bottle back* That’s MINE, bitch!

Ramona: Jasmine, call security…

Jasmine: *rolls eyes* whatever, I’m seriously DONE! Drink all you want, I don’t give a FUCK!

Eva: *yells at Jasmine & Ramona* YOU’RE BOTH WHORES!

Ramona: *ignores Eva & breaks down* I don’t want Eva to end up dead because of this reckless behavior… I can’t deal with this anymore…

Ramona’s Confessional: Me and Eva are no longer friends. But it doesn’t mean I wish her ill will. All I can do is pray for her.

Eva: *throws vodka bottle on the ground & leaves*

Ramona: *screams* EVA!

Jasmine: *yells at Eva* Bye bitch! Don’t let the door hit your FAT NASTY ASS on the way out!

Ramona: *yells at Eva* GET HELP, EVA! YOU NEED IT! *cries on Jasmine’s shoulder*

(Eva leaves while Jasmine & Ramona cry in a corner as the screen goes black)


Next Time on “Basketball Wives: Twitter”: The fashion show drama continues, but will Eva FINALLY come to her senses and have a change of heart? The ladies decide to crash Eva’s tropical getaway to spend some much needed girl time together as a group… but when Jasmine makes it all about herself, Eva goes INSANE and the two have a fight that could have DEADLY consequences.
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