“Basketball Wives: Twitter” Season 1 Finale (Part 2)

(After the intro plays, the scene is transitioned over to a beach side restaurant where the ladies are getting ready to have their FINAL dinner together on the “peace trip” and settle their differences)

Beach-side Restaurant
Jasmine Reed

Jasmine: *walks in and sits down as confessional plays*

Jasmine’s Confessional: The fight on the boat was INSANE. I was literally in shock and I wasn’t sure if we could ever move forward after that. But, I decided to be a grown women and hash things out before we go home tomorrow… so let’s get this over with… *rolls eyes*
Ava James

Ava: *walks in alone and sits down*

Ava’s Confessional: So tonight is the final dinner of our trip from HELL and I have this feeling that something is going DOWNNNN… so I’m going to put something on where I’m comfortable enough just in case I might have to snatch a bitch, but I still gotta look cute while doing it! *laughs*

Jasmine: *sees Ava* Hello, Ava…

Ava: *gives Jasmine a stern look* Hello, Jasmine…

Kourtney Martin

Kourtney: *walks into restaurant and sits down* Hello, ladies… the queen has arrived so let’s start this shit!

Ava: *looks at Kourtney up and down* yikes!

Kourtney: *looks at Ava* Don’t talk to me old hoe! *Roll eyes* Go back to old people home, bitch!

Ava: Girl, shut up! Are you done yet? *rolls eyes*

Eva Marion

Eva: *walks in without saying anything and flips hair*

Jasmine: *sees Eva* Oh lord… here comes the hooker for the evening…

Ava: Jasmine, shut your ugly face! *stands up and hugs Eva*

Jasmine: No darling, I will not shut my BEAUTIFUL face… thank you very much!

Kourtney: *looks at Eva* Bitch, I’m not about this fake shit… give it to me straight… you wanna fight or nah?

Eva: Bitch, I don’t care about you enough to hit you… go choke and DIE. Thanks.

Kourtney: *gets in Eva’s face* BITCH, you don’t know me… I’m the HBIC!

Eva: Girl, just sit there and EAT SOMETHING!

Kourtney: *takes off heels* NAH BITCH, YOU SAID YOU BAD RIGHT?! FIGHT ME BITCH!

Eva: You need to SHUT THE FUCK UP HOE… This some real shit right here this some REAL ASS SHIT!

Kourtney: I will fuck you up if you say ONE MORE THING!

Ava: *laughs* Girl, sit down! You sound pathetic!

Ava’s Confessional: Kourtney what happen to Ava being the “ghetto” one, you really showing your true colors and I love it! *laughs*

Eva: *laughs* This is MY trip! I’ll do what I want!

Jasmine: Eva, this ain’t your fucking trip… just shut the fuck up!

Eva: Who’s house did I let you stay in? Who got you access to this private island? Certainly not me!

Jasmine: We used your home because you wouldn’t travel anywhere else, so just shut up & eat some damn beans or something! Maybe it’ll help you get all the nasty SHIT out of you!

Eva: *grabs bottle of vodka and starts gulping it down* BITCH! Don’t test me today!

Kourtney: You bitches are stressing me out!! Why do you two keep coming for me?!

Ava: Kourtney let me tell you something… NO ONE WANTS YOU HERE BESIDES JASMINE! YOU WEREN’T INVITED!

Eva: I came for you because you didn’t even reach out to me and Jasmine didn’t even fucking tell me!

Kourtney: BYE ugly bitches!




Eva: YOU’RE A STUPID BITCH! *throws wine in Jasmine’s face*

Jasmine: YOU BITCH! *leans over table and pulls Eva’s weave*

Ava: NO NO NO!!!

Eva: *dodges Jasmine* BITCH, KEEP TRYING!

Kourtney: *jumps on table and starts throwing plates & glasses at Eva & Ava* BITCH TAKE THIS SHIT!

Ava: *throws drinks at Jasmine and Kourtney* TAKE THAT, BITCH!

Ava’s Confessional: I warned all these hoes that Ava not the one, once you come after me you better be ready because this “old” bitch is going ham!

(Production grabs all of the ladies and drags them to separate vans to take them back to their hotels as production completely shuts down after the INSANE fight)

In Kourtney & Jasmine’s Van:

Kourtney: *trying to catch her breath* Jas, I’m sorry… I tried the best I could to get those bitches…

Jasmine: Girl, it’s fine… let’s just get our things and go home from this hell hole! *tries to catch breath and wipes tears*

Jasmine’s Confessional: I don’t even know what happened or why I did what I did… I literally blacked out & went insane… this is NOT who I am… this is NOT the Jasmine Reed that my Mother raised me to be… *starts crying* I let those bitches get to me… but that will never happen again… the only thing we can do from here is move forward…
Kourtney’s Confessional: I’m DONE with those ladies and I honestly never want to see Eva OR Ava again in my life! PEACE, GHETTO BITCHES!

In Ava & Eva’s Van:

Eva: *calms Ava down* don’t let those hoes get to you babe… you KNOW we are better than them!

Ava: I’m pissed because this bitch had the audacity to throw glass at me.. but I’m over it… Didn’t you see we mopped the floor with those hoes?! *chuckles*

Eva: *high fives Ava and chuckles*

Ava’s Confessional: This trip was a DISASTER and it was probably the worst idea ever. I honestly never want to see Kourtney again in my life at this point. She was NEVER my friend and she NEVER WILL BE. As for Jasmine, I can’t stand the bitch right now but you never know what could happen. Once she gets away from Kourtney, maybe we could move forward… we’ll see what happens.
Eva’s Confessional: Well, my “peace trip” wasn’t so peaceful and it literally SUCKED NASTY BALLS! I’m done with these ghetto HOES and I want to move forward with my REAL FRIENDS… the queen only deserves to be around the best people and Jasmine & Kourtney are NOT those people. *chuckles*

(The screen transitions to Ramona & Janae’s confessionals as they give their final confessionals and updates on their life)

Ramona’s Confessional: Well, that’s a WRAP! The last few months have been INSANE, but it did help me realize some things. This group of ladies are CRAZY, but they’re like my sisters and I would do ANYTHING for them… call me naive and a pushover, but I love them. I also realized that I need to focus on myself for once and not just focus on my career. I am still on the dating scene, but I’m not exclusive with anyone… yet. *winks at camera and smiles*
Janae’s Confessional: The last few months have been an emotional roller coaster… not just in my relationship, but also in my friendships. These ladies are NOT my friends and I don’t think they ever will be. They’re ghetto, loud, and just ANNOYING! I don’t have time for them in my life and they will NOT be in any part of my wedding. Sorry, bitches! *waves at camera*

Update on Janae: Since filming wrapped, Janae got married in a beautiful ceremony with NONE of the ladies present. Then, about a month later, she announced her separation from Carlos Boozer on social media. No official cause or information has been released, but rumors are circulating that Carlos cheated on Janae with another one of her friends. Because of this situation, Janae moved out of Twitter and no longer talks with ANY of the ladies… including her best friend Diamond.

Thanks for watching season 1 of “Basketball Wives: Twitter” and be sure to check out season 2 coming out THIS FALL!
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