Hello Joe

I am confused.

I am angry.

How do they dare to ask; to share my intimacy, to share my thoughts, to share my fears?

How do they dare to ask; while holding up a shield I cannot pierce? While building a wall I cannot climb? While digging a trench I cannot jump?

I have grown mute and cold.

!Hybris! !Selfishness! !Arrogance!


I call it




Yes, i doubt myself, every day, every hour, every minute. 13,100,521 doubts to be exact.

It is comical, that I fled 6,000 miles across an ocean to hide from my person, who loved, trusted, and healed me.

A Lover, Yes!

A Muse, YEs!

A Woman, YES!

But no life partner; just another soul swimming in the sea of doubt; just another soul rotting faster than the days can pass.

The doubt, the anger, the distance they seem so simple to squash; Speak up! Say what you think!




I break a soul. I watch the blood spill. The warm feeling makes me sleepy. The faint smile makes me happy. The unrest continues.

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