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Bryce Bennett

July 9, 2015 — Week 2, Day 4:

Hello! This is Bryce Bennett and I am part of the first cohort of Iron Yard: Nashville, a twelve-week computer programming “boot camp”. My learning is centered around front-end development and coding languages such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript. After this, I hope to pursue a successful career in front-end development either with a tech company or through freelance work. Today was another “milestone-type” day as it was my first introduction to JavaScript.

My time with Iron Yard has been equally fascinating, frustrating, exciting, absorbing and life-changing. Together with my small cohort of nine, we’ve taken a “deep-dive” into the three languages mentioned above. It feels great to be learning so much in such a short time, but the nature of the course, depth of information and and technical skill required often has me feeling anxious. “Perspective” has been a word I’ve uttered many times so far, and the soothing thing about the course so far is that I can tangentially look back to where I started and see progress.

Over a week ago, I had no idea how to put HTML and CSS together in a meaningful way on a website. This week, I put together a website integrating HTML and CSS. I now know how to use Sass and have begun to wrap my head around responsive design. Today was JavaScript. A completely different animal. While I still consider myself “shaky” on it, I can’t wait to look back two weeks from now and see the progress.

Until next time!

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