There was a scientist who gave a google talk, a while back, I want to say at least six years ago…
Amber Lisa

Thanks for taking the time to write up this thoughtful reply.
As Stephen pointed out, distributed networks are already there, in nature. In only make sense to reproduce them elsewhere. The more we progress and separate ourselves from our origins, the more we look at biomimicry and realize it’s probably the easiest and most durable way forward.

I appreciate your concern about energy and food, there is so much to say on the matter. Nevertheless, the fight got to start somewhere. I think that if we manage to have truly distributed networks implemented for the way we make decisions as a country, it’s gonna stem from here to all others areas of the country’s life: energy, wealth distribution, food chain, goods productions and distribution… Americans almost did it with Bernie Sanders, let’s hope France pave the way with this election.

Would you remember the name of the scientist? I’m interested in checking out the talk you mentioned.

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