The Retpun

On a lovely retroactive pun

This morning, in between reading sad articles about President Grump, I listened to the album “Hip Harp” by Dorothy Ashby.

A hip, harp, hip to the hip a hip harp harp and ya don’t starp

I (re)learned a few things.

  1. Harps can fucking rock
  2. Jazz Harp is a genre of music
  3. I enjoy Harps playing Jazz

Normally, I wouldn’t take to the internet to write about any of these things. However, two minutes ago, I was scrambling eggs for my traditional Saturday morning bachelor brunch. My brain sneezed, and I realized something very important that I needed to tell the world:

“Hip Harp” is a retroactive pun

The album came out in the late 50s. Hip hop didn’t become a word until the late 70s. Dorothy Ashby is my hero!

Since one of my dreams since fifth grade has been to invent a word, I’d like to coin a term for unintential, retroactive punning: the retpun. According to google, this series of letters has only ever been searched by Scrabble dweebs.

Today marks one of the first times in years where I had an idea, and google didn’t immediately list fifty people in the last week who had the same idea. I feel original again!

By any means, I hope your Saturday is fantastic. I’m off to finish making those eggs.



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