Douglas MacArthur..
Stephen Corsaro

Boy that is breathtaking, Stephen. To think that in 1945, with the Jap Imperial Army / Navy getting whacked time and again, there were rumors that America had ‘lost the war’. Amazing.

‘Dugout Doug’ considered himself above the law, above all rules. He was in his element running the Japanese occupation. Later, in Korea, Harry Truman had enough of him — called him ‘His Majesty’ before deep-sixing him (an act of courage on the President’s part — many in Congress yelled about impeachment).

The various accounts by his underlings all tend to underline the coarseness and arrogance of the man, who would listen to no one else. He was a piece of work indeed.

The rumor was that President Manuel Quezon presented the General with around $100,000 in Filipino government bullion (they were taking it along to exile in Australia). ‘Out of gratitude’.