I quit The stuff in 1988.
Stephen Corsaro

I happen to be a casual smoker — I puff on one cigar a day, usually in the morning. Do not inhale (can’t believe there are folks who inhale cigar smoke).

It is, I realize, a calculated risk. It has also occurred to me that you meet smokers in their 90s — whereas you won’t meet any ‘serious’ drinkers older than around 70, with a few exceptions (thinking of the wizened little farmer hoeing up his sweet potatoes on Kyushu or Okinawa — 95 and still puts away a half liter of shochu a day).

Drinking, I’ve concluded, is a zero sum game. So thanks but no thanks.

When tobacco first made its way to Japan, by the way, it was common practice to pass around a ciggie the way we shared joints in the 1960s. ‘Ippuku’ — one puff — was plenty.