Voted for Trump? I have only one plea.

Sitting eleven time zones away (but following the exciting melodrama closely on the web, while clutching my pearls), I came to the following conclusion, which I posted on my FB page:

“My, that’s a remarkably insightful comparison: Idi Amin Dada as Donald Trump in blackface. My own take on this colossal farce is that The Preznit Donald better have one of those rickety Trump Airlines 727s gassed up and hot on the runway, because as he swears into office and immediately launches the cascade of disappointment among his bewildered, disillusioned, sullen, suspicious followers, starting with ‘the Wall’ (which the Repugs are already walking back, saying ‘It’s a metaphor’) he’ll need to make a run for it, a la Batista, gold bullion in the hold and jetting off to parts unknown (as if those existed). 
“Angry, bitterly disappointed white guys, armed to the teeth (and will you note how many of the recent serial killings / cop killings have been the handiwork of Middle East combat veterans?) 
“It’s a tough crowd to say ‘I was just kidding’ or ‘I never promised that’ to.”

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