Eleven Reasons To Be Excited About The Future of Technology
Chris Dixon

Thanks for sharing a fascinating projection into the future of technologies — a nice change from the ‘collapsnik’ literature I spend much of my time reading. Much of the techno-fantasy is, however, predicated on the electrical grids not sputtering and winking out, which is increasingly of concern, at least in a huge country like the USA.

There is often an excess of optimism, exemplified no better than by the Terrafugia TF-X ‘flying car’ portrayed above. When I first saw a video on this luxurious prototype I was astonished by what a potentially lethal design it is. Even more than the Osprey, which can at least theoretically windmill its way to the ground, if the Terrafugia loses power in one engine (bird strike, mechanical hitch) it immediately goes ass over teacup as the other engine pulls it into a barrel roll and it will augur into the ground in an exceedingly non-survivable incident.

High-priced streamlined death trap.

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