Moulee, you’ve been an inspiration since our first conversation over a year ago.
Ruha Devanesan

These old [fossilized] cultures like China, India and most of Africa are the most difficult to move out of this mentality, in part because they had homophobic Christian and Islamic mores forced on them by colonial powers. The “crime against nature” laws in places like Malaysia and India are precisely the ones that were on the books when Queen Victoria sat her fat ass on the throne.

Latin America, with its insidious Roman Catholic tradition, has traditionally been homophobic but there is a breakup in attitudes in places like Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina. The Caribbean nations are still completely uptight and pretty much hopeless.

I’ve often mused about the confrontation that must have taken place when the Ugandans came with their palms extended to the E.U. only to be lectured about LGBT issues. Ditto for the Americans, who are never shy about spreading “human rights” doctrine (while they’re bombing the hell out of your neighbors).

We are going to emerge from this victorious but I assume it will be too late, as the planet is overloaded with homo saps.

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