Well it sounds like you’re way ahead of the game, most people in my experience (especially in the…
Doctor Wu

Well sir, that’s why I mentioned the ‘melting pot’ syndrome. Except for enclaves like the Chinatowns in New York or San Francisco (where non-English-speaking immigrants — some illegal — are virtual slaves in sweatshops) or the Spanish-speaking ghettos of Florida, the second generation is more often than not culturally integrated — the negative part of this is the loss of the language of the ancestors’ country.

One exception worth noting is Arab, Pakistani, Afghan or Iranian Muslims, who often have zero interest in integrating into their new society (be it Europe or North America), consider themselves superior to the ‘pig-eaters’ and decline to adapt.

The Somali girl in Minnesota: ‘I consider myself a Muslim first and an American second’. This can lead to severe issues.

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