BCB Blockchain
Aug 10, 2019 · 4 min read

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What is BCB Blockchain?

BCB Blockchain (Building Cities Beyond Blockchain) is a blockchain protocol and ecosystem for developing and supporting smart city solutions.

2. Who owns BCB Blockchain?

BCB is developed in 2018 by BCBGlobal Pte Ltd, a Singapore-based technology company. BCBGlobal currently has over 100 employees in over 8 cities in Asia.

3. Where is the BCB technical documentation?

You may find the technical documentation on our GitHub: https://github.com/bcbchain.

4. Where can I download the BCB wallet?

You can download and install the BCB wallet by selecting the appropriate wallet version through the following link: https://www.bcbchain.io/down

5. What is the vision of BCB Blockchain?

We aim to provide a streamlined and secure blockchain protocol for smart cities. The protocol will be able to interface with other forms of technologies to create & support the solutions for the smart cities of the future so that they are more livable, workable and sustainable for the next generation.

6. Is BCB ERC20?

No, BCB is its own blockchain protocol and mainnet. The technical standard of creation of tokens on the BCB mainnet is called BRC20. The BRC20 supports smart contact and dapp development.

7. How can I get BCB?

You may get BCB by purchasing it on the exchanges. The supported exchanges and trading pairs can be found here: https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/bcb-blockchain/trading_exchanges

8. Where can I get the latest news about BCB Blockchain?

The latest news of BCB Blockchain can be found at the news section on the official website. At the same time, you may also visit the BCB Telegram, BCB Facebook, BCB Twitter as found at the bottom of the website.

9. Why is BCB based on the BFT-DPOS mechanism?

The BCB Blockchain uses the BFT-DPOS consensus mechanism (based on Byzantine fault-tolerant entrusted equity), which is characterized by high performance and high efficiency, requiring only 2/3 of the nodes to function properly. This allows for real-time problem solving, creating an advantageous speed for enterprise applications. The BCB mainnet can reach 10,000 TPS while balancing performance, security and stability.

10. Who controls the BCB Blockchain?

BCB is an open protocol, and all decisions are made through the supernode voting. The supernodes are owned by the BCB team, as well as organisations and partners who provide long-term support for the development of BCB ecosystem.

11. Does BCB have forks?

No, there are no forks on the BCB. Any BCB forks are fraudulent. Please be vigilant.

BCB X Coinall Event FAQ

1.When will BCB go online at CoinAll?

Open for Top ups: 14 August 2019 17:00 (GMT +8)

Open for Trading: 15 August 2019 17:00 (GMT +8)

Open for Withdrawals: 16 August 2019 17:00 (GMT +8)

2.What are the trading pairs supported on CoinAll?

BCB/USDT. Other trading pairs will be released at a later time.

3.What are the requirements to join the Trading Competition and “”Guess the value of BCB” events?

Only registered CoinAll accounts with KYC1 and above are allowed to participate. Find more information on the BCB’s medium and social networks.

4.How to join the Trading Competition?

  1. Register a KYC-1 account on CoinAll
  2. Register your CoinAll email or phone number with the bcb bot at the BCB or CoinAll telegram channels.
  3. Trade and stand to win over 180,000 USD worth of prizes!

5.Can one account win both the Top Trader Award and Lucky Prize at the same time?

No. Top Trader Award winners are not eligible for other awards and prizes.

6.How to join the “Guess the Value of BCB” Competition?

  1. Register a KYC-1 account on CoinAll
  2. Register your CoinAll email or phone number with the bcb bot at the BCB or CoinAll telegram channels.
  3. @bot with the value of the BCB/USDT in BCB or Coinall telegram group.

7.How to collect the awards and prizes?

The system will automatically issue the reward to the registered CoinAll accounts 2 weeks after the end of the event.

8.Do API trades count into the trading volume for the trading contest?

No, api trading and market making are excluded. Only the actual buying and selling of the BCB/USDT will be counted as valid trading volume.

9.How many times can each person participate in the “Guess the value of BCB” event?

Each person is limited to participate in the “Guess the value of BCB” event for 1 time a day only.

BCB 常见问题(FAQ)

1.什么是BCB Blockchain?

BCB Blockchain (Building Cities Beyond Blockchain) 是一个区块链协议和生态系统,用于开发和支持智慧城市解决方案。

2.谁是BCB Blockchain的拥有者?

BCB Blockchain是一家名为BCBGlobal Pte Ltd的新加坡科技公司设计和开发的区块链项目,公司员工和顾问超过100人,分布于亚洲8个不同城市。


目前可以通过访问BCB Github查询。





5.BCB Blockchain的发展愿景是什么?




7.如何获取BCB ?




BCB Blockchain的最新消息可以在官方网站的新闻栏目中找到,与此同时,您还可以通过访问网站底部的BCB Telegram官方社区、BCB Facebook、BCB Twitter等链接来获取。


BCB Blockchain采用BFT-DPOS共识机制(基于拜占庭容错-委托权益共识),其特点是高性能和高效率,只需要2/3的节点正常运行。这样允许实时解决问题,为企业应用创造有利的速度。BCB主网可以达到10,000 TPS,同时平衡性能、安全性和稳定性。

10.谁可以控制BCB Blockchain?

BCB是一个开放的协议, 所有的决策都必须通过超级节点投票决定,这些超级节点由BCB团队以及为BCB生态系统的发展提供长期支持的组织和合作伙伴所有。



BCB X Coinall 上线活动 FAQ










  1. 注册Coinall账户并达到KCY1或以上认证
  2. 在BCB或者Coinall电报群机器人进行登记账户邮箱或者手机号
  3. 进行交易赢取超过百万大奖。

5. 一个账号可以同时获得实力奖和幸运奖吗?



  1. 注册Coinall账户并达到KCY1或以上认证
  2. 在BCB或者Coinall电报群机器人进行登记账户邮箱或者手机号
  3. 在BCB电报群中@机器人+竞猜价格即可。







BCB Blockchain

Building Cities Beyond Blockchain (BCB Blockchain) is the first blockchain protocol to serve smart city solutions

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