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Nov 5, 2019 · 3 min read

BCB gets listed on DOBI Crypto Asset Exchange

Singapore, 2 November 2019 — Singapore-based Buiding Cities and Beyond (BCB) Blockchain announced that BCB will be listed in DOBI Crypto Asset Exchange starting November 5. BCB is a digital currency created to develop smart city solutions for the future, leveraging an infrastructure protocol and an ecosystem built on blockchain technology.

BCB Token’s listing on DOBI Digital Asset Exchange will further solidify its prominence and reputation in the crypto space.

Known for its strict evaluation on listing tokens to its platform, DOBI Trade Digital Asset Exchange is the one of the world’s most accessible cryptocurrency trading platform that aims to create a quick, convenient, and secure trading platform for all. DOBI is also the leading manufacturer and distributor of ready-to-assemble cryptocurrency ATMs.

“The listing will allow BCB to have DOBI’s 100+ countries user base. BCB is a leading smart city blockchain protocol that has good usage volume which matches with our proven track record in the crypto space, ” Jacky, Head of Business Development, DOBI Exchange said.

BCB’s projects are focused on incubating blockchain start-ups, product development and launch of smart city applications, leading to a higher potential of smart city projects. BCB’s protocol comes with APIs that are specifically optimized for the development of distributed smart city applications, such as secure eWallet, smart contracts and peer-to peer messaging applications. BCB aims to build a community of 10,000 developers in Asia. It has physical presence in 8 countries and BCB incubation hubs in 4 of them.

“Our partnership with DOBI provides the BCB community another top exchange for trade information and market capitalization. Dobi also has the blockchain research center in Shenzhen which BCB hopes to develop smart city technologies with blockchain together,” Vanessa Koh, BCB Chief Technology Officer said.

Moving forward, BCB Blockchain is gearing up its partnerships via hackathons and acceleration programs with universities to expand development of the BCB ecosystem to create smart city solutions.

About Building Cities Beyond (BCB) Blockchain

Building Cities Beyond (BCB) Blockchain is a blockchain protocol for the development and infrastructure of smart city solutions. With BCB safe, secure and scalable protocol, the APIs are ready for use for the development of a variety of distributed applications, such as eWallets, messaging applications, integrated payment and enterprise solutions, and many more

For more information, please refer to https://www.bcbchain.io

About DOBI Crypto Asset Exchange

DOBI Trade Digital Asset Exchange is the world’s most accessible cryptocurrency trading platform that aims to create a quick, convenient, and secure trading platform for all. Take advantage of our proven track record and user-friendly interface across all actively-traded token pairs. There’s no steep learning curve as registering an account on DOBI is straightforward and easy.

DOBI is also the leading manufacturer and distributor of ready-to-assemble cryptocurrency ATMs. Ranging from compact makes to premium industrial-grade modules, they can be designed and customised to fit most specifications while offering features such as FIAT acceptance and fingerprint recognition capabilities. For more information, visit https://www.dobiexchange.com.

BCB community

BCB telegram :https://t.me/bcbcommunity

BCB website:https://www.bcbchain.io/

BCB Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/BCBblockchain/

BCB Twitter:https://twitter.com/bcbblockchain


总部位于新加坡的BCB Blockchain宣布,BCB今日正式上线数字资产交易平台DOBI,具体安排为11月5日15:00(GMT+8)开放交易,11月6日15:00(GMT+8)开放提现,开放交易对为BCB/USDT。

BCB Blockchain是成立于新加坡的首个服务于解决智慧城市开发的公链项目,旨在利用区块链协议和基于区块链技术的生态系统,开发和孵化未来的智慧城市解决方案,唯一通用价值通证BCB则作为基础设施为其生态系统的运行提供支持。





“BCB与DOBI的合作为BCB社区提供了又一顶级的行情和交易平台,了解到DOBI在中国深圳同样拥有区块链研究中心,BCB希望与其达成共同利用区块链开发智慧城市技术的进一步合作。”BCB联合首席技术官Vanessa Koh表示。

展望未来,BCB Blockchain正在通过黑客马拉松和加速计划与高校加强合作关系,以扩大BCB生态系统的发展,创造更多智慧城市解决方案。


BCB Telegram官方社区:https://t.me/bcbcommunity


BCB Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/BCBblockchain/

BCB Twitter:https://twitter.com/bcbblockchain

BCB Blockchain

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Building Cities Beyond Blockchain (BCB Blockchain) is the first blockchain protocol to serve smart city solutions

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