Find BCDC Tokens on MyEtherWallet

Here explaining to view your BCDC Token balance and account ether balance using your address.

Go to “View wallet Info” from the tabs.

-View BCDC Token Balance Using Address

Select “View Balance Only (Must use one of above options to send)”. Then copy your account address and paste in text area. On paste “VIEW BALANCE” button will be displayed, click on that to view balance.

On successful you will get info like this,

Now click on “Add Custom Token” which is under Token Balances section.Enter “0xb4c55b5a1faf5323e59842171c2492773a3783dd” in To Token Contract Address,”BCDC” in Token Symbol and “18” in Decimals field as shown in below,

Click on “Save” button.Balance of tokens can be seen as below,

That’s it! Thank you for participate in the BCDC Crowdsale!

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