1 Merrills Wharf.

Dear Behavioral Connections families, past, present, and future…

Our new home.




Last week, we closed on the historic Bourne Counting House. We will now be able to provide ABA services for families affected by Autism in the New Bedford and South Shore areas.

Beginning in June, Behavioral Connections will begin providing our 1:1 direct services.

I cannot understate how excited we are.

Excited to work with the families in New Bedford.

Excited to be a part of historic New Bedford.

Excited to be on the forefront of ABA methods and practices.

Excited for so many cool things we get to do. So much to talk about!

There will be a lot of developments in the coming weeks but fret not, we’ll keep you updated. We have a lot to do to get the joint up to our and your standards. In the mean time, check out the view from the top floor…

Oh and to those of you that like coming to the Bridgewater clinic, we’ll be sticking around here too!

Stay tuned y’all.

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