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Blue Collar Trades Club
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Blue Collar Trades Club LLC all rights reserved


Blue Collar Trades Club LLC is an LLC based out of Massachusetts. The mission of Blue Collar Trades Club (BCTC) is to create a brand new NFT club experience. Your BCTC token is your membership pass! You can freely trade, sell, or loan this pass as needed or wanted. This can be done on secondary markets post mint. BCTC will be a multiple NFT collection and going forth we shall define a BCTC pass as, “Any NFT that has been created and provides utility in conjunction with this project either by Blue Collar Trades Club LLC or its partners.” These NFTs will span multiple collections and have varying utility/membership levels but are all defined as BCTC passes. Each BCTC pass provides access, either partially or in full (depending on the BCTC pass owned), to the BCTC “Field Office”. BCTC defines the “The Field Office” as, “the suite of utilities set forth in this whitepaper”. The name of the “The Field Office” is subject change.


BCTC partners is a reference to anyone we may partner with in the future. We cannot guarantee anyone will partner with us. Future partners may provide utilities for our members depending on the negotiated deal with that future partner. An example of a utility provided by a partner could be a discount on our partners goods or services. BCTC aims to partner with name brands associated with blue collar work. Tool manufacturers, parts manufacturers, apparel manufacturers… you get the idea. We also are aiming for partnerships withing the web3 community.

BCTC Pass:

A BCTC pass is any NFT that has been created and provides utility in conjunction with Blue Collar Trades Club LLC or its partners. In other words, a BCTC token is any NFT that Blue Collar Trades Club LLC recognizes as a membership pass to its utilities suite. This NFT could be created by BCTC LLC or a partnered organization.

A single NFT (BCTC Pass) will grant single access for a connected wallet to access our utilities suite. A BCTC token can be sold on open marketplaces (opensea and others). If sold, traded, transferred or otherwise legally obtained the BCTC token will still hold full value as a membership pass.


Membership levels are purchased either through minting a BCTC token or purchasing on the secondary market. Membership levels are named after their corresponding NFTs. For example, Mini_Mike holders will have a membership status of “Mini_Mike”. Members may hold multiple membership statuses at once.

The utilities provided by the pass held is determined by Blue Collar Trades Club LLC and shall be explicitly explained pre-mint of the NFT. For example, before we launch our “The_Mikes” collection we will update this whitepaper with information about the utilities unlocked via having a “The_Mikes” membership status. We want to be as transparent about our services as possible.

The Field Office:

The Field Office will be hosted on a DApp built on the Ethereum Blockchain. Only members can access the Field Office. You must connect your wallet and own a BCTC token to access the The Field Office.

The Field Office will also be the home of our social networking spaces. This is where members can hang out and chill. Exchange info. Potentially, and hopefully, it will become a place for Blue Collar Trades Club members to call home. (Think of the bathroom from BAYC but blue collar).

The Field Office will have a space where members can access business resources in order to help our members start businesses and more. It is up to our community as to what they want this space to become. Let us know what you want and we will do our best to provide the resources for you. To this end we will be heavily involved with the community. Frequent polls, votes and discussions will take place.

The Field Office will have a platform for giveaways. This is what we will call our professional giveaway platform. Here we can have member facilitated giveaways and BCTC official giveaways. All facilitated through secure wallet transactions. All exclusive to members.

The Field Office will have our official trait marketplace. We will be able to trade the exclusive traits held by your Mini_Mike. This will create a constantly shifting collection of rarities and art.

The Field Office will be under constant development. New suites of utilities will be unveiled as time progresses. The roadmap will ever evolve as we build our Brand and brace for the future. Web3 technology is ever evolving. We plan to push the limits of what this new technology has to offer.

Industry Issues and Solutions:

The NFT Space Lacks Professional Utilities

1. BCTC wishes to offer real utility to its members while also nurturing a professional community (that also has its Degen areas to play in!)

a. BCTC aims to create a suite of resources for Degen Blue Collar workers around the United States. This suite of resources will be based in web3 and provide all the tools needed for blue collar workers to: Connect, Network, Share Ideas, Create Companies, Find Work/Jobs and more.

b. Basically, it will be a platform for members to receive help in anything related to Blue Collar Work (let us provide the resources to get all the white collar work done so you can focus on being blue collar).

Promising too Much

2. We have seen too many NFT projects that promise way too much and then pull the rug on its supporters. BCTC WILL NOT BE LIKE THEM.



Most Collections Offer Trivial Utilities

3. We have seen too many NFT clubs offering utility that no one in their right minds would ever want. It was hard founding Blue Collar Trades Club LLC, so we want to make that process easier for our members. We want to offer a utility that benefits our members, the Blue Collar Industry as whole, and contributes to the new technology of web3! Let’s bring Blue Collar and web3 together!

Community is king.

4. We have seen too many NFT communities controlled by their NFTs. By this we mean that it should be the community that drives where the NFT project is headed. Too many times have we seen an NFT in development that has failed to deliver what was expected by the community.

a. To this end BCTC promises to hand over massive funds to the community.

b. All treasury funds will be split with members. These funds will go into a pool that members decide how to use. Voting will take place and BCTC community run projects will immerge.

c. This will be discussed more, and this section shall receive significant updates accordingly.

Mini_Mike Project:

The Mini_Mike Project is an all access pass to all future utility releases by Blue Collar Trades Club LLC. Mini_Mikes will be the first BCTC Pass created. The earliest supporters will be whitelisted to receive a Mini_Mike earlier than public mint. Mini_Mike tokens provide access to the full “Field Office” as soon as it is released. It is also a guarantee of access to all future Field Office updates and features. This is an all-access pass to The Field Office for as long as you hold your Mini_Mike. Only 10,000 will be released!

Mini_Mikes are our first Degens released into the blockchain. They have been sub-contracted by BCTC to build on all blockchains. Mini_Mikes are our degen project managers!

We have a map in development that the Mini_Mikes are using to develop their blueprints! Stay tuned for more updates!


Mini_Mike Tokenomics:

Supply: 10,000 NFTs

Withheld for Promos: 100 NFTs

Collab/Notable Holder Mint: 0.06eth

W/L Mint Price: 0.07eth

Public Mint Price: 0.08eth

Potential Treasury Earnings: 792eth

Community Split %: 10%

Potential Community Pool Earning: 79.2eth