The Life and Death of Lexa
Jason Rothenberg

Too little, too late. Barely an apology that refuses to take ownership of any of the harm that’s been done, and a flat out denial of all the effort that was put into hyping this relationship and assuring fans that this time things would be better. You still claim to take pride in the show’s representation when for the past month all the people in the group you’re representing have been telling you that it would have been better if you hadn’t tried at all.

You say you now understand how hurtful this trope is, and then say that if you knew then what you do now “Lexa’s death would have been different” because you still think your story is the exception, that there was somehow a ‘right’ way to kill this lgbt icon and you just didn’t quite hit the mark.

Lexa’s death was handled in the worst possible way, but people aren’t just upset over the way it was handled. They’re upset that they were reassured that this relationship wouldn’t end in tragedy. They’re upset that, facing the loss of Alycia, writing her off in some way OTHER than killing Lexa doesn’t even seem to have been considered.

This is a weak non-apology being put out in preparation for this weekend’s public appearance at Wondercon. You’ve had three weeks. If you actually cared about fans feelings and not just their opinions of you, you would have started a constructive dialogue weeks ago. Javi’s tumblr responses feel genuine, and have been happening since day 1. This feels cold, calculated, impersonal, and misses the point entirely.

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