Ask the One

You smoke your life away

A hazy sooty release

for that instant rapture.

Ask the one

Consumed by incessant spasm

Devoured by fear

Of morbid uncertainty.

Of odds in living and dying.

Clutched with chemo

bidding to outrun Carcinoma.

Gasping for one lease,

Or a stroke of luck maybe!

You spent thousands

to have that illusion

called perfection.

The bridge of your nares(nose)

aligned symmetrical.

Another forsaken attempt

to fill the hollowness

of deep recess

gone astray.

Ask the one

Who lost her face,

The divine impression

of her uniqueness,

days until nineteen.

Perpetrated by cruelty

Unaware and unknown,

An attack acrid –

Harsh pungent reality

she exists and lives in.

Searching for her lost self

With leftover or no face maybe!

You have a portioned bite,

Not much to your fancy

neither upholds your fine taste.

A nibble here and dribble there,

Wide potpourri of savouries

until half picked other wasted.

Food catering to dainty senses.

Ask the one

The one with those

Ever urging growling stomach.

And the one with those

Ever famished wretched eyes.

scanning through the trash cans

every day and most of nights.

Hunting for source of sustenance

shreds, scraps or mouthful

anything will suffice.

Irony of misery in need;

Sharp biting pangs of hunger

even camouflages

filth, muck and sleaze.

And those ever beseeching prayers

amidst the rotting debris,

aching for nothing less than

a morsel of miracle.

Or something edible maybe!

You are as busy as bee.

Hundreds to manage

another fifty to oversee.

Little one came rushing –

overzealous, demanding and gushing.

You term those cry over nagging

and choose to disregard.

And at times uneasy and unwilling

you snort and lash it out.

Those ever seeking

attention and whims

takes a toll on you.

But at what price!

Ask the one

Emotionally barren

And physically depleted.

Feeling duped by nature

arid, abject and dispirited.

Latching to any

tiny ray of glimmer,

Like a drowning man

will clutch at a straw.

Little feet, kisses and snuggle,

A soul as chaste, gentle and raw.

All it Yearns for

A kindred bond and that soulful kinship,

A salvation from days of hardship.

A cackle which may fill

the unspeakable emptiness.

A silly tantrum which will spread

hue to blankness.

Or a chance to be called ‘mum’ maybe!

Life at times become undue and unfair,

Reasons may be many to whine and despair.

Behold and Bethink

The things which you take for granted,

Could be someone’s countless plea and earnest prayer.

Embrace your blessings

Indeed reckon them,

For the ripple it creates

will nourish your wounded soul.

And usher you to the world

of endless possibility out of nowhere.

Or else, there’s always at the least in your life

That One thing to be happy about maybe!