Barcelona En Comú decides to launch a Catalan candidacy to stand in the general election

Traslation of the Barcelona en Comú press release of 16 October 2015

The plenary assembly of Barcelona En Comú has mandated the organization’s coordination team to push for the establishment of a Catalan candidacy to stand in the Spanish general elections on 20 December.

Barcelona En Comú will apply the following criteria in seeking to set up the candidacy:

  1. The candidacy must reflect the popular desire for social change, above and beyond the political forces that form part of it. It will be more than a collection of party acronyms.
  2. The candidacy will act as a sovereign political project. The aim is for it to have its own group in the Spanish parliament.
  3. The candidacy will draw up an electoral list of citizens that includes different political sensibilities and reflects the social struggles of citizens against the economic and political crisis.
  4. The electoral campaign and political direction of the candidacy will be managed independently from and for Catalonia. At the same time, it will link up with and support other radical democratic projects in the rest of Spain.
  5. The electoral programme of the candidacy will be based on the following main issues:

a. Radical democracy by means of the right to Catalan self-determination. A demand for a binding referendum on the political future of Catalonia through which all opinions can be expressed freely with legal guarantees.

b. The defense of the citizen municipal movement which is already demonstrating that another form of government is possible. We want to kick out the corrupt governments that are responsible for the economic crisis. We want to defend social rights, public services and the common good. We want an emergency citizen rescue plan to deal with the crisis and austerity politics, with the aim of stopping the democratic backsliding seen in recent years (through the labour market reforms, mafia-like privatizations, energy poverty, and the Montoro Law that has attacked the autonomy of local governments, among other examples). We want to construct new mechanisms for change and tackle cross-border challenges such as the TTIP and climate change.

Barcelona En Comú will hold a public event to present this idea to the citizens of Catalonia on Sunday 25 October. We want to reach out to the majority of people who hunger for change and call for them to come together to enthusiastically fight the electoral battle against those responsible for the economic, social and democratic crisis in Spain.